Breakthrough Bleeding On Pill

Breakthrough bleeding on pill - Many families choose a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy, prefer oral contraceptives . Although their application area, a woman appeared spotting the time of entry of contraceptives. Especially regarding the time of adaptation of the organism to hormonal substances. Because all women are different, period of habituation ranged from three months to six months.

To understand the causes of the secret of the old red, it is important to understand the effects of contraception. In the female reproductive system there are constant changes in hormone levels.

Progesterone and estrogen are the main components of the background of the hormones of the genital organs. They affect the rhythm of monthly, regulate ovulation and prepare the organs for conception.
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Breakthrough Bleeding On Pill

Almost all oral contraceptives contain at least one of these hormones. Tablets with progesterone affects the viscosity of vagin'al secretions. This, in turn, strengthen the resistance of the channel of the uterus on the movement of the male cells. Also, preparations containing progesterone, affect the mucous wall of the uterus. As a result the embryo is not able to firmly attached to the uterus.

Use of oral contraceptives, which include progesterone and estrogen, is considered a powerful substance. In addition to the fact that progesterone creates a mechanical obstacle, often the estrogen keep the maturation of another egg. This is the occurrence of the release of blood when receiving contraceptives from the plan that lead to the experiences of these women. Understand the causes of the reaction of the organism against contraception this will certainly soothe a lot of women.

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The main causes of the secretion of bleeding

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the hormonal background is constantly changing. So, at first, the level of estrogen is very high. He prepares the endometrium for the process of ovulation, after which the quantity decreased. In the middle of the cycle, oestrogen is replaced by progesterone, which prepare the body for possible fertilization.

The composition of the oral contraceptives include a small number of of hormonal. Getting into the body, they do not overlap with the levels of natural hormones in the system of labor. Therefore, there is a red discharge during the reception of the contraceptive pill.

They can survive for three months. Appears spotting will stop after a woman's body adapt. Normal, they considered, if the amount is not much and quite clean some thin padding. The appearance of brown fluid when the acceptance of contraception caused by blood elements which have already entered into the vagina. If the amount of blood is not increased, then the drug was successfully selected.

Fatigue brown with a receptor oc often indicate low doses of the drug. This is especially noticeable at the beginning of the rhythm of menstruation or in the middle. In this case, You should consult with a doctor and take medications with estrogen levels high.

Adjust the dosage is important if bleeding occurs in the middle of the cycle. Don't let severe bleeding, which is dangerous for a woman's life. If a woman started out, due to taking the pill, the cause is probably the level of estrogen insufficient in the drug. In this situation, it is better he stop taking the contraceptive, to avoid complications.

Breakthrough Bleeding On Pill

The occurrence of severe bleeding in the middle of the cycle indicates the presence of gestagen women in a woman's body. Preparation with the amount of hormone that the suit will eliminate the problem.

Often the selection after the removal of the ok takes on the character of the bloody. During this period, the hormonal background began to recover in the body. Constant changes in the amount of the hormones progesterone and estrogen affecting vagin'al secretions.

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In some women appears brown discharge after removal of the intrauterine device. A lot depends on the state of the organ systems of the child. A variety of inflammation and infection to determine the color of the vagin'al secretions.

Unpredictable bleeding can interfere with women with the cancellation of the application, because for this organism is a kind of stress. Until that time, along with the hormonal background is stabilized, the discharge will have a different character. Thus, the presence of the secretion after the issuance of contraception hormonal preparations show physiological processes in the body.

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