4 Best Burnt Tongue Remedy and Treatment

Burnt tongue remedy, You must have experienced this. Either because it was too hungry or in a hurry, pizza or coffee, so, immediately struck. Forget that the food or beverage is still very hot. As a result, in a fraction of a second, You groaned in pain because of the burning tongue.

When the tongue is burning, tastes are indeed mencekit and even painful. Typically, the tongue burned because of the food or hot drinks are categorized in burns of the first degree. However, burns is still able to damage the lining membrane is smooth in Your mouth.

Reporting from BuzzFeed Health, Dr. Alison Bruce, an expert in dermatology at the Mayo Clinic, Florida, explains, “burn this will burn the cells in the outermost layer of skin on the tongue, roof of the mouth, or the inside of the cheeks. Basically, the effect is the same with burns in other places in the skin. Only, tissues in the mouth and tongue is far more delicate.”
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7 Best Burnt Tongue Remedy

However, You don't need to panic. The pain of a burnt tongue—in the case of burns of the first degree, not third degree burn or caused by traumatic events other—indeed, normal.

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To overcome this, there are several ways that You can do, such as :

1. Suck on ice cubes
According to Hadie Rifai, DDS, a dentist from Cleveland Clinic, the first thing You can do is find something cold to repel the burning sensation. For example ice cubes. “Suck on ice cubes can help relieve the burning sensation,” said Rifai to Everyday Health.

2. Drink cold milk
Furthermore, Rifai advised to drink milk because they can coat and soothe a tongue burn. If necessary, choose the milk cold. “Cold liquid in the mouth will help eliminate the feeling of heat in the tissue burning and reduce inflammation,” said Bruce.

3. Consumption of anti-pain medication
If You are in so much pain, experts recommend to consume anti-pain medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Although in general, You don't need to seek medical help for cases of burning tongue this—except if it happens to your baby or toddler.

4. Avoid certain foods
In a period of healing, You should avoid certain foods that can make the pain worse. Rifai recommends not to consume crunchy foods, spicy foods, or those that contain citrus. Other things no less important is do not touch the burned area, and maintaining oral hygiene by brushing teeth regularly.

If the various efforts are already done, but a sense of burning or pain still settled up to seven days or more, Rifai advised to immediately seek medical help. Similarly, if his condition is getting worse.

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Then, how to prevent a burnt tongue? A simple course. You should be more careful before consuming food or beverages that seem hot or just out of the oven or stove. To find out how the heat, You can taste it in small bites first, or sip it slightly to avoid burns.

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