Dog Mange Home Remedy Treatment

Dog mange home remedy, The cause of itching in dogs one of them is demodex. Demodicosis in dogs is a disease of inflammation or inflammatory effects on the dog's skin due to the Demodex mite. When the number of mites inhabiting the hair follicles and skin of the dog become very much and are not controlled, then it will cause itching, damage/lesions on the skin, genetic abnormalities, problems with the immune system and cause dog hair loss (alopecia). The severity of symptoms depends on the type of mite inhabiting the dog.

Dog Mange Home Remedy

Symptoms Of demodex

Demodectic mange in general already exists in the skin in a controlled quantity and a little bit as well as it does not affect on the skin, but if the population of mites that breed quickly and uncontrolled growth of population, then it will affect the state of the skin of dogs and cause the loss of hair of the dog.

If it occurs locally, the symptoms that arise are usually mild, with lesions occurring in patches, especially on the face, body, or feet. If general, the symptoms will be more widespread and appear on the body. These symptoms include alopecia, a redness of the skin (erythema), and the appearance of scales and lesions.

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The Cause Of demodex

For the moment the exact cause of mange in dogs is unknown, many experts believe that genetic factors are supporting factors for the occurrence of demodekosis. Factors genstik it as a problem in the immune system.

Three species of mites have been identified to cause mange in dogs. But one new type of ygn has known how it is transmitted, namely Demodex canis, scabies mite lives in the skin and follicles of hair/fur and can be transmitted from the mother dog to dog baby on when breastfeeding.

Dog Mange Home Remedy

How to diagnosis
To diagnose a dog stricken with demodex, it can be used with the scrapings of the skin having lesions. Skin scrapings are then examined under a microscope to see the mange.

How to treat

If scabies dogs occurs locally (e.g., in the legs or in the ears) then the disease will disappear by itself, with a note of the condition of a dog's body fit or in shape and are not disturbed his immunity levels either genetic or other diseases are able to reduce the immunity of the body of the dog.

While to treat cases of scurvy dogs are severe and occur throughout the body, then the long-term treatment is necessary, it is useful to control the condition. Soaking with sulfur or sulfur on the area of skin affected mites can help relieve the symptoms.

The nutrition quality is very recommended to improve the condition of a dog's body. And to accelerate the healing then health status is common in dogs patients should be continuously monitored and evaluated. The use of the drug intermectine also highly recommended to control the growth of scabies mites in dogs.

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