Dog Upset Stomach Remedies and Treatment

Dog upset stomach remedies, Gastrointestinal disorders is characterized when the food rejected by the body. Can occur directly from the stomach resulting in vomiting, or of the intestines that causes diarrhea. The condition is very common in dogs, because the dog is not a picky eater like a cat. If dogs experience it, do not panic, because it is not necessarily the cause of the dog abdominal pain due to viruses, bacteria, allergies or parasites.

Inflammation in the stomach causes muscle contractions which result in vomiting. While inflammation in the intestine causes contraction of the muscles that cause the speed increase of the content of the intestine through the digestive tract.

dog upset stomach remedies

Vomiting and diarrhea can develop into serious problems that threaten the soul, but that doesn't mean every dog is experiencing gastric disorders light should be immediately taken to the doctor.

Not enough time for the liquid components to be absorbed back into the body, so that the dirt is liquid and the frequency of excretion is increased. In other words the dog had diarrhea.

Medical help pure needed if the dog is vomiting or vomiting accompanied by diarrhea repeatedly for a few hours, the dog looks dull or depressed or in pain, the dog's stomach swell with the way it looks, there is blood in the vomit or feces, the dogs experiencing these conditions more than 24 hours.

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Although disorders of the stomach lightly, dogs also need help simple so that the condition does not develop into severe. Starve the dog if their body is still refusing food, the contractions are continuous will make the dog suffer if the owners force them to eat or drink.

Make sure it always has fluid rehydration or some kind of ors can be purchased at the vet to anticipate the condition of the dog. The liquid can be given little by little to reduce inflammation and prevent dog dehydration or lack of fluid the body.

dog upset stomach remedies

In addition to rehydration fluids, consult with the vet to get the medicine pro-biotic that can be always stored in the house. Help pro-biotic can improve the digestive system through the healthy bacteria that is drunk in the dog.

If the dog already looks a little recovered, should give food that is able to help healing. Namely food that lists “gastro-intestinal” on the packaging, but if no owner can give the food is low in fat, easily digestible and palatable.

For example, the chicken is boiled and mixed with white rice. Give me just a little, 3 times a day, for 2-3 days or until there are no more signs of abdominal pain. After that the dog can eat as usual. Digestion is back improved of course can ‘save’ and process the food as usual.

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