Dry Vaginal Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

Dry Vaginal home remedies - The humidity of the vagina is produced by mucus cervical in the cervical glands (glands of the neck of the uterus), order of the cervical mucus is clean the female organs from dead cells of the liquid which is then removed after a period of mestruasi end up through the vaginal cavity.

The average woman remove residual fluid dead cells as much as 2 grams of dead cells and 3 grams of mucus or fluid.

In addition to the cervical glands or the glands of the neck of the uterus which produce vaginal fluids, also other glands that help the glands of the cervix produce a lubrication fluid which the glands batholini which has the function to produce a fluid lubrication on the vagina when doing sexual activity.
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Dry Vaginal Home Remedies

But fluid or lubrication that is produced from glands batholini more jobs than the fluid or vaginal lubrication produced by the glands of the cervix, vaginal secretions produced by glands batholini it has a characteristic odor which is the result of evolution of millions of years can mningkatkan power supplies the woman's partner and can also be used as a sign that the woman is ready for sexual activity.

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Prevent vaginal dryness

1. Avoid scented products hard
Some of the products for washing the vagina or bath soap that has harsh aromas can contain alcohol which can create irritation in the vagina. If you want to wash the vagina, using water clean enough.

2. Drink a lot
Dehydration vaginal same is the case with dehydration of the body, which can occur because Your body does not contain enough water. To overcome dry vagina during sex, drink enough water.

3. Enough stimulation
 In addition due to physical problems, vaginal dryness can also occur due to lack of stimulation from Your partner. Foreplay is recommended for couples before performing the penetration.

4. Use lubricant
This is one method that is fast and is popularly used to deal with the problem of vaginal dryness. Sex be very difficult with a dry vagina, because the pain and inflammation makes it almost impossible to penetrate.

Causes of dry vagina
Almost all women will experience a phase where the vagina feels dry, causing discomfort (pain) in sexual intercourse and trigger the occurrence of sexual dysfunction.

Vaginal dryness can occur due to several things, including :

1. Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen in the body.
This is a major cause of vaginal dryness. When levels of the hormone estrogen decreases, the vaginal walls will become thinner, less elastic, becomes more dry and brittle. A decrease in estrogen levels can occur due to :
  • Menopause or before menopause
  •  Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • After the process of childbirth
  • Are in the period of breastfeeding
  • Side effects of therapy to the ovaries (the egg), such as radiation therapy (radiation), hormonal therapy, or chemotherapy
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Abnormalities of the immune system
  • Smoking
  • The use of some type of hormonal contraceptive drugs
  • The use of drugs to cope with endometriosis
  • The use of drugs to overcome infertility (infertility)
  • Stress, too tired
  • Sports excessive
2. The use of some types of drugs, such as drugs-antidepressants, drug antiestrogen, drug allergies and drugs to cope with the cold (decongestants)

3. Sjogren's syndrome. Is a disorder of the immune system where the body's immune system attacking the tissues-healthy tissues in the body. In addition to causing dryness in the vagina, these diseases also cause dryness in the mouth area and the eyes.

4. The use of the liquid cleaning the vagina. The use of the liquid cleaning the vagina can disrupt the balance inside the vagina and cause inflammation (vaginitis) so the vagina feels dry or irritated.

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Dry Vaginal Home Remedies

The Handling Of Dry Vagina

Here are some ways to handle vaginal dryness. However, before doing such steps, it is advisable to consult first with the doctor.

1. Wear lubricating
Water-based lubricants are usually effective for several hours. In addition to moisturizing the vagina, the lubricant also serves to facilitate the opening of the vagina, so the penetration process runs more easily, and does not cause pain during sexual intercourse. Lubricant-shaped cream usually can last for one full day.

2. Utilize a moisturiser vagina
 Moisturized vagina effective to reduce the dryness in the vagina for a few days with one time use.

3. Using the rings estrogen vaginal
Soft objects shaped this ring will be inserted into the vagina. This ring will release the hormone estrogen gradually to the tissues of the vagina. The ring needs to be replaced every 12 weeks.

4. Wear tablets estrogen vaginal
 This Tablet is not to drink. How to use this tablet, namely by inserting the tablet into the vagina, one time in a day during the first two weeks. After that, You can use it once every two weeks, until the time specified the doctor.

5. Applying estrogen cream vaginal
You can use the applicator for applying the cream to in the vagina. The cream is used every day for 1-2 weeks, then reduce the frequency to 1-3 times a week or as per doctor's recommendations.

Ring, tablet, or vaginal cream is not recommended for women who have a history of endometrial cancer, have experienced vaginal bleeding, breast cancer, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Natural Remedies for dry vaginal

There are many products of lubricants to help You. However, if You are concerned with its content, You can make them yourself. Here are tips for making the liquid lubricant homemade of a midwife named Aviva Romm from American who studied at Yale University.
  • 4 teaspoons of cocoa butter
  • 4 teaspoons of coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons oil almon
  • 10 drops essential oil of sandalwood
  • 10 drops of vanilla essential oil
Mix ingredients, store in glass bottle, apply whenever needed.

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