Gum Abscess Home Remedy, Causes, Treatment

Gum abscess home remedy, There are many people who suffer from pain in the teeth and gums. One of the problems that people experience it is gum abscess, this condition is often accompanied by swelling of the gums.

 The complaint is it is definitely very annoying and cause suffering so it should be quickly overcome. Gum abscess is a condition related to infection.

Gums festering indicates that there has been a process of infection by bacteria on the gums. Pus is the end result of which is formed from the process of the body in the fight against infection. Of pus which can not be excreted will be stored in the cavity of the tissue will accumulate and cause swelling called an abscess.

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Gum Abscess Home Remedy

Cause the gums to fester

Infection does not necessarily occur, but the presence of a variety of factors. The source of infection that can cause gums festering can come from :
  1. Caries (cavities) : dental cavities will cause infections which can then spread to the tip of the tooth root, the nerve of the tooth, the blood vessels until finally into the gum and bone to cause an abscess which is called periapical abscess 

  2. Plaque and tartar : plaque and tartar that accumulate can damage the attachment between the gum and tooth resulting in the occurrence of infection in the gap between the gums and teeth can cause an abscess which is called periodontal abscess

Gums that have experienced an abscess will cause the teeth to become more sensitive to stimuli of heat, cold, and pressure. At first the pain is mild, over time the pain grew heavy and feels throbbing. The gums will look swollen and colored reddish.

If the gums are swelling it ruptures, it will ooze out pus colored yellowish and foul smelling. If the gums are experiencing such swelling is not broken and its contents can not exit, there is a possibility the infection can spread to the teeth and surrounding gums.

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Gum Abscess Home Remedy

How to Overcome Swollen Gums Festering
To be able To overcome gum abscess there are two ways that can be done is :

1. Treatment of symptoms : to overcome the pain caused by gum abscess can be done with a few things, namely :
  • Pain medication : taking pain medications such as mefenamic acid, paracetamol, ibuprofen and NSAIDS other can quickly eliminate the pain 

  • cold Compress : compress the cheeks are experiencing swollen gums with ice cubes that have been wrapped with fabric can help to reduce the pain caused 

  • salt Water : gargling with a saline solution made with one tablespoon of salt dissolved in one glass of warm water a minimum of three times a day can help to calm the inflammation in the gums and reduce pain 

  • Clove Oil : applying clove oil to the gums swollen to three times a day can help to reduce inflammation and reduce pain

  • Lemon and Warm Water : Squeeze the juice of lemon to taste then mix with half a glass of warm water then use it to gargle, how this is best done 2 times a day

2. Treatment against the cause of : To treat with effective then the dentist should do a purge of this pus please first then remove the infection from its source in the following way :
  • On a periapical abscess or infection that starts from the cavities, the dentist will clean out the pus and then do endodontic treatment (root canal) until clean. This treatment generally requires several visits to be able to completely clean and finally when it is clean and does not hurt more then the filling to the cavities can be done. 

  • In periodontal abscess or infection that starts from plaque and tartar that accumulate, the dentist will do the cleaning of plaque and tartar thoroughly, there is even the possibility to do curettage of the gums and smoothing of the tooth root that aims to be able to clean the surface of the tooth root from bacterial infection. 

  • After the treatment against the teeth and gums is made, treatment with antibiotics can be given to help speed up the healing process.
No matter how prevention is better than cure, try to notice more the things that cause the gums suppurating and swollen as above, do housekeeping if You still have it.

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