8 Hickey Remedies That You Can Try

Hickey remedies, Sometimes You and your partner too cool while doing physical contact, to not forget there is a result that little bit makes You confused, for example when kissing. A kiss can be done in the lips, face, neck, and even all over Your body.

However, the kiss is too intense and passionate and this sometimes leave a kiss mark or known as a hickey. This can interfere with appearance and make You ashamed. Don't worry, there are many ways to eliminate a hickey that easy enough for You to try in this article.
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Hickey Remedies

Do physical contact too passionate indeed legitimate You do, just try not to leave scars, yes. Although impressed trivial, the former kiss can make You embarrassed. Just imagine You have to meet an important client, but there is a kiss on Your neck. Could just be the client You have unkind thoughts about You because of the scars that kiss.

Former kiss can just make the skin into a bruise. Usually, the former kiss known as hickey's colored black, blue, or red. Bruising occurs due to rupture of blood vessels near Your skin, and the color of the hickey is blood trapped in the tissues under the skin. Slowly the color will disappear if the bruise has gradually healed.

In general, the former kiss will be more easy to appear as you age. When You get older, Your skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer. In fact, the fat tissue that can help You in overcoming the injury, such as bruises. In addition, women are more prone to bruising due to the kiss than the man.

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How to remove a hickey that You can try

For You who have a love bite is due to the activity of intimate last night, don't panic, here are several ways that You can do to eliminate the hickey :

1. A cold compress
This way is one of the most effective. How, You take a metal spoon and put in the freezer, after that download and paste it in the area of the skin that suffered bruises because of the kiss with a little pressure. Press it with a cold spoon to regulate the flow of blood in the area. To eliminate a hickey on the lips, just need to ice cubes and stick them on the lips.

Hickey Remedies

2. Aloe vera
Aloe leaf is a lot of benefits to the affairs of the skin, is no exception bruised hickey. How to, paste aloe vera gel on the skin area of the bruise. Let stand 10 minutes. This Gel serves to reduce the sensitivity of the area of the former kiss. This way can help to remove the hickey quickly.

3. Compress with a warm towel
In addition to using cold compresses You can also use warm compresses. This way is quite useful for the betta that is already there within 3-4 days and to be useful to lower the level of swelling and pain. The trick, take a clean towel and dip it in hot water. Directly put on the area that experience bruising because of the hickey by way of pressing gently. Do up to 4-5 times to remove the marks of bruises quickly.

4. Massage
Not recommended to do massage in while hickey is still new, because it will lead to pain. Do the massage after a few days. Massage slowly and gently. This will result in the circulation in the bruised area to be smooth. You can use almond oil and olive oil.

5. Toothbrush soft bristles
In addition to massaged using the hands You can also use a toothbrush. This way can easily eliminate the former hickey. Way rub gently on skin areas that experience bruising because of the hickey. This is an effective way to eliminate a hickey.

6. Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil that is applied gives the sensation of cold naturally. Can also use toothpaste because of the content of the toothpaste contained peppermint or mint as the main ingredient. How this will smooth the area at the bruised and will quickly remove hickey with effective.

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7. Eye drops
Apply eye drops on the skin bruises because the betta. After 1-2 minutes, rinse with cold water. This remedy will reduce the redness of the skin due to hickey.

8. Tea bags
Put the tea bags in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then, wait a minute and put in areas that experience bruising because of the hickey until it cools down.

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