Here's 10 Hoarse Voice Remedy and Treatment

Hoarse voice remedy treatment, Hoarseness is a change not normal that occur in the sound caused by a variety of things. These changes can affect the condition of the volume and tone of Your voice. Causes of a hoarse voice there are a wide variety of.

Ranging from problems of the respiratory tract the usual, such as infections of the respiratory tract, to serious diseases such as cervical cancer and cancer of the head.

In order to determine the cause of the hoarseness (especially if the hoarseness is prolonged and disturbing) required further examination and to know with detail the history of the health condition before a hoarse voice arises.

Hoarse Voice Remedy Treatment

Even so, generally hoarseness occurs due to the presence of acute laryngitis. Acute laryngitis is an inflammation of the vocal cords caused by an infection of the upper respiratory tract or the abuse of excessive sound. For example singing too long or shout.
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Overcome the Hoarse Voice in This Way

In order to know the drug hoarseness that is right for You, it is necessary for You to find out the cause first. The following is the drug of hoarseness or how to cope with a hoarse voice You need to know. The treatment is carried out adapted to the cause of the hoarseness itself.
  • If hoarseness is caused by acute laryngitis due to infection of the upper respiratory tract, usually hoarseness will improve by itself when the infection has clean of the body. Treatment such as steam inhalation and cough medicine can help relieve this condition. The use of antibiotics in acute laryngitis is generally not advised.

  • Hoarseness You are experiencing can also be caused by allergies or illness the gastric acid (GERD). Then, You are suggested to overcome hoarseness by addressing the underlying cause is.

  •  In some other cases such as cancer of the larynx, trauma on the part of the vocal cords, or polyps can be overcome by operating procedures.
It is advisable to choose the drug of hoarseness in accordance with the conditions that caused it. If hoarseness occurs because of the use of excessive sound, try to rest Your voice. If You are suffering from hoarseness caused by smoking, it is recommended to quit smoking.

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Remedy a Hoarse Voice by Using Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is in fact also can be one alternative for the drug is hoarseness. Sound therapy is a program designed to reduce hoarseness through the change of life style and the style of the talk. This therapy will also tell how to use the voice properly, without harm to Your vocal cords. Especially for You suffered an injury or recently had surgery of the vocal cords, then this way could help.

The duration of the sound therapy customized to how severe the problem of sound and how the beginning of the occurrence of hoarseness. The range of time required is two times the therapy for 4 weeks or more. At the time of undergoing this therapy, it is important for patients to follow and obey what has been practised at the time of the therapy after the therapy sessions finished.

Try to choose a drug hoarse voice that reflects Your condition. In addition, try to avoid the various things that can result in a hoarse voice. For example do not use the voice excessively, stop smoking, or not eating foods that provoke a hoarse voice. Please consult to Your doctor if disorders hoarseness is getting worse. Examination early on voice disorders is required in order to avoid the disease worse, such as cancer of the larynx.

The natural way to overcome hoarse
You can eliminate the rest of the husky naturally by using ingredients that are easy and You can do it yourself at home. The ingredients can be There to get in the traditional market or modern market though.

Hoarse Voice Remedy Treatment

Here are some materials that You can make to eliminate the hoarseness naturally :

1. Drinking water decoction of ginger
Already since the first of ginger in addition to herbs in the cuisine, ginger is also used one of the ingredients for drugs. Ginger contains compounds ketone called zingeron that lead to spicy flavors are dominant. So ginger is often used as a drink to warm the body.

To cope with a hoarse voice, You have to do is boil 3 knuckles of ginger with 2 cups of water in a small fire. Don't forget menggeprek ginger so the juice is much out at the time boiled.

After boiling water and left for 1 glass, turn off the heat then strain. Let stand until the water temperature become warm then add honey to taste. Drink until it runs out. Do this 3 times a day until Your voice is not hoarse anymore.

2. Consuming honey
Honey has many benefits for health and beauty. Honey also contains antioxidants that can counteract free radicals that can cause inflammation. So when You consume honey every day, so that the throat is not dry and prevent the voice becomes hoarse.

But for those of You that his voice is already hoarse, You still can really consume honey to reduce the inflammation in the throat. You only need to consume 1 tablespoon of honey every day 3 times. After that, drink warm water. Do it until Your voice is back to normal. For the prevention of after hoarseness You recover, You just need to consume it once a day only.

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3. Drink freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime juice has the fruit flesh is greenish white, with a taste that is very sour becauseit contains a lot of vitamin C and citric acid. Lime is widely used for flavoring in cuisine, processed into drinks, and can be used as one of the ingredients of medicines.

The use of lime to eliminate the hoarseness is quite easy. Mix 1 tablespoon of lime juice, and 1 tablespoon honey into 1 glass of warm water. Then drink two times a day until hoarseness is gone.

4. Gargling with salt water solution

Salt used for gargling is a common salt. Salt not only can be used as a food flavoring, but is also beneficial to preserve food and is used to prevent mumps. You can use a mouthwash that is sold in the market, but You can also use salt water solution to gargle.

Prepare one glass of warm water, then add 1 teaspoon of salt. Stir until the salt is dissolved properly. Then immediately gargle with the position of the head upward gaze. So a solution of salt water to the throat. That can kill the bacteria that causes Your voice to become hoarse. Do gargle this 3 times a day.

5. Inhale hot steam
Hot steam if inhaled can make You breathe a sigh of relief, especially if You are cold or asthma. If You do not have the special tools steam, You can use the traditional way that You can do yourself at home.

Prepare a basin of hot water, and then position Your head near the basin. Then cover Your head with a towel to cover the basin so that the steam can be inhaled with maximum. Do this activity for 10-15 minutes to hydrate the throat. May be added the leaves of mint, sliced orange peel, or the aroma of essentials other.

6. Drink plenty of warm water
In everyday life, we should drink reasonably. There should be 8-10 glasses a day. If Your activity is a lot of sweat, and also on the sat You exercise, then You should drink plenty of water to replace lost fluids and prevent dehydration.

At the time You experience hoarseness, You should choose to drink warm water than cold water or ice water. So Your throat is not injured more severely. Also avoid eating spicy foods which can create more irritation of Your throat.

Hoarse Voice Remedy Treatment

7. Consuming water decoction of galangal
The same is the case with ginger, galangal has properties warm. Kencur can be used for flavoring cuisines, refined beverages and also drugs. Galangal contains a volatile oil and the alkaloid that is often used as a stimulant.

To overcome husky voice, You should boil 2 segment finger galangal already digeprek, add a little bit of salt with 2 cups of water in a small fire. Once the water is boiling and the water remaining roughly to 1 cup, turn off the heat. Strain the cooking water into a glass, and let stand until the water temperature becomes warm.

Drink as much as half a glass of water when the decoction still warm. Do each two times a day. Reheat the rest of the water decoction of kaempferia galanga on time will be taken in the second hour.

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8. Consuming water decoction of turmeric
Turmeric is commonly used for a wide variety of cuisines, refined beverages, herbs and also drugs. Turmeric contains curcumin and essential oil that has many functions for the treatment of various diseases.

Boil 2 segment finger turmeric yan hard digeprek with 2 cups of water in a small fire. Add a little salt, let come to a boil. After roughly boiled water left to 1 glass, turn off the heat. Then strain into a glass. Wait until the water temperature becomes warm, and then drink half a glass only.

Save the rest of the boiled water in the refrigerator, don't forget to warm it up again before drinking the second hour. Drink 2 times a day until hoarseness is gone.

9. Drinking water decoction of the roots of the sweet
Sweet root or liquorice is a plant root similar legumes. Usually licorice root is used for a sweetener in candy and drinks. But the sweet root is also often used as ingredients of medicines.

Prepare the water as much as 500 ml in a clean pan. Add 1 tablespoon of powdered licorice root or 2-3 stalks of liquorice. Simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Filter into a glass and leave until the temperature becomes warm.

Drink 2 times a day until hoarseness is gone. Or You could chew a piece of liquorice for 5-15 minutes, do not swallow, simply suction suction sari out of the sweet root. Do 2 times in a day.

10. Brew the mint leaves
Mint leaves contain substances anti-microbial that can slow the growth of some types of fungi and bacteria. Mint leaves are often used in a mixture of materials of toothpaste, shampoo, aromatherapy, flavor enhancer in beverage products, the basic material of medicine products, and many others.

To cope with a hoarse voice, You could brew mint leaves into a glass contains hot water. You should only drink warm water without the addition of tea, coffee or milk. Drink after the water temperature becomes warm. Do each 2 times a day until Your voice is back to normal.

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