Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Dogs and Cats

Home remedies for ear mites in dogs, Ear mites are parasites that are often encountered in dogs and cats. Species that infect the ears yaitua Otodectes cynotis, very happy to live on the surface of the ear, nibbled the ear and cause inflammation in the ear.

Traits if the dog or cat is exposed earmite :
  • Ears are very dirty
  • Ears smelling
  • Cat or dog scratching ears excessively to hurt
If You find your cat or dog is experiencing these things need to be checked to the vet. The doctor will examine the ear using a microscope. Otodectes cynotis or ear mite any proliferation in the ear, so that when checking the earwax often found the eggs of the ear mite.

Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Dogs and Cats
Ear mite do a life cycle for 3 to 4 weeks and the eggs will hatch every 3 to 5 days. Prevention that You can do that with clean the cat's ears every 3 or 4 days. Cleaning can use olive oil (olive oil), in addition to causing the death of mites because of shortness of breath due to the olive oil. Olive oil is also very good for reducing inflammation due to the infection of ear mites.

If Your dog or cat positively affected ear mite according to a doctor's examination then You need to give the treatment is topical or by ear drops.

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Steps that need to be done when treating a dog and a cat affected by ear mites :

  • Clean the earwax using a cotton swab or cotton bud carefully not to cause wounds. No need to worry about punctured because of the shape of the ears of dogs and cats which resembles the letter L. ear cleaning every 2 or 3 days.

  • Clean the ear by using astringents or cleaning fluid the ear. Its function is to remove the debri on remnants or dirt in the ear. Substances used that contain salicylic acid and ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol that is certainly safe for the dog or cat and does not cause irritation. Brands circulating in the market such as Epi-Otic. This fluid also serves to reduce moisture in the ear.

  •  Drops of medications that contain antibiotics. Usually not only are ear mites, but the inflammation is accompanied by bacterial and fungal infections. Therefore doctors prescribe drops that contain antibiotics, antiparasitic. Brands there in the market that otolin, vetotic, dexoryl.

  • Shed antiparasitic drugs on the nape of the neck (spot-on) that contain antiparasitic such as selamctine with the trademark revolution,. Can reduce the presence of parasites including ear mites.
Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Dogs and Cats

Symptoms ear mites

Ear mites cause invasive disease in the dog and Cat, which, as a rule, lasts for chronic. In their habitat ear mites arise :
  • redness,

  • swelling,

  • in the course of the inflammation of the fluid characteristics is released which, along with dead skin particles, dirt ear and product of the activity of the mite, form a crust of black-brown at the base of the dog  and Cats,

  • while difficult for the microflora of the secondary, the process continues to secondary care and internal and then - the meninges (rare).

  • constant itching: the dog and Cats try to scratch the ears objects or scratch it intensively with claw feet (often to the blood)

  • the position of the head in dogs and Cats become not natural: the head is lowered or inclined to the direction of the affected ear,

  • when this form of the disease begins in the auricle, pus is formed, which is gluing the hair on the bottom edge of the ears,

  • in the case of the transition of inflammation to the meninges, nervous disorders develop, in which the dog and Cats dies.

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