Home Remedies For Mastitis : Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Home remedies for mastitis, Mastitis is a breast inflammation usually caused by infection, a condition that causes the breast tissue swollen and inflamed. This can occur in any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breastfeeding.

Mastitis can cause nursing mothers fever, very tired and lethargic. In addition, they also have to face the demands of caring for a new baby is born, and as a result many women stop breastfeeding altogether.

However it is important if Moms can continue to breastfeed. In fact, breastfeeding usually helps to clear the infection, and will not harm the baby. The doctor called mastitis in nursing mothers as mastitis lactation or mastitis puerperalis.

Women who do not breastfeed often experience called mastitis periductal. The good news? Although mastitis can be painful and excruciating, it is usually easily handled with treatment.
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Home Remedies For Mastitis

Symptoms Of Mastitis

Symptoms of mastitis almost like breast MILK ducts is clogged and is also called inflammation of the breast. Mastitis usually only affects one breast, and symptoms often develop quickly. Symptoms of mastitis can include the following :
  • The breasts are inflamed and swollen, which sometimes feels hot and painful when touched

  • Breast lump or hardened sections on the breast

  • Pain and burning in the breast, the frequency more often and longer or only can happen when you're breastfeeding, even sometimes accompanied by fever and the breast is hot if touched.

  • The discharge of the abscess or inflammation of the body tissues which allows the onset of a cavity where pus collects. Usually white pus or contains blood spots in the breast

  • Sometimes accompanied by flu-like symptoms, such as pain, high temperature (fever), chills and fatigue.
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The Causes Of Mastitis

Mastitis in nursing mothers is often caused by a buildup of milk in the breasts. This is also called stasis milk or breast MILK congestion, namely the cessation of fluid milk in the breast. Stasis of milk can occur for a number of reasons, including :
  • Babies don't really suck the breast during breastfeeding. This means that the breast MILK that comes out is not quite a lot. Moms need to fix the correct feeding position that helps the baby Moms suck breast MILK correctly

  • A baby having problems sucking.

  •  Rarely breastfeeding or are often missed. For example, when the baby starts to sleep through the night

  • Too often breastfeeding with one breast. For example, because one of the sore nipples. This can lead to MILK congestion (stasis of milk) was developing in the other breast

  • Impact or blow on the breast, which can damage the ducts or milk glands in the breast

  • Pressure on the breast. For example, because tight clothes (including the bra), safety belt or sleep on his stomach

  •  In some cases, BREAST congestion can also be infected with bacteria, which is known as mastitis is infective.

  • In women who do not breastfeed, mastitis most often occurs when the breast is infected as a result of damage to the nipple, such as nipple blisters or sores.
Home Remedies For Mastitis

Handling Mastitis

Mastitis can usually be easily treated and most women can quickly recover. Here are some actions that can Moms do, which is often very helpful.
  • Enough rest and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and helps lower fever

  • Drink pain medication as directed by your doctor, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to reduce pain or fever

  • Avoid tight clothing, including bras until the symptoms of mastitis improved

  • Compress the breast with warm water or a cloth soaked in warm water on the part that blisters before giving breast MILK

  • Massage the breast gently while giving MILK to babies

  • If you're breastfeeding, continue BREASTFEEDING despite payudari experiencing an abscess or swelling and make sure the baby suck the breast correctly

  • Often change the feeding position to help reduce blockage of the breast MILK

  • Try BREASTFEEDING more often than usual, peraslah breast MILK that is left after and during breastfeeding.

  • For women who do not breastfeed with mastitis and a nursing mother who is suspected of being infected mastitis, antibiotic tablets will usually be prescribed to control the infection.
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Prevention Of Mastitis

Although mastitis usually can be treated easily, the condition can recur if the underlying cause is not treated immediately. If you are breastfeeding, Moms can help reduce the risk of developing mastitis by taking the following steps to stop breast MILK clogged in breasts.
  • Give breast MILK exclusively for six months, if possible
  • Breastfeed as often as possible, especially when the breast feels full and bloated
  • Make sure the baby Moms really suck the breast properly during breastfeeding
  •  Let the baby Moms sucking breast MILK until finished.
  • Arrange the distance of time breastfeeding. If possible, do it gradually
  • Avoid pressure on the breast due to tight clothing, including bras

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