Home Remedies For Parvo, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Home remedies for parvo, As dog lovers (dog lovers), I of course want to share the experience which is important especially for those of you who keep dogs. Before keeping a dog, it helps if we first recognize what the disease/virus that normally occur on the dog. One of the virus PARVO (Canine Parvorius), is one type of virus that is very dangerous on the dog. This Virus easily solve the cells in the body dogs and attacks the intestine, causing dogs to become weak and no appetite.

Parvo is one of the virus is the most serious and potentially deadly second after the virus of distemper. Dog since early infected with this virus will cause a problem on the heart resulting in the possibility of having heart problems for the rest of his life or possibility for life is range from 30%-40% (Drh. Tansiuing, 2015). Parvo usually attacks puppies aged under 1 year.
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Home Remedies For Parvo

Parvo is very contagious even without the need for direct contact because it can be contracted through the air. So, if we have to separate the infected dog with other dogs, there will still be the possibility of contracting. Parvo can also come from the ground or shoes with respect with the ground and the temperature is too cold.

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Symptoms for parvo

Early symptoms usually happens that poop is liquid (diarrhea), no appetite, lethargic and less excited. If you find your dog previously jovial but suddenly becomes lethargic, immediately consult a veterinarian, because the initial symptoms such as this can still be helped. Another case with symptoms of which are already a serious/dangerous as vomit and poop bloody, fever, as well as feces and poop smell striking. This symptom is not very possible for a dog to live.

Treatment for parvo

The most appropriate treatment do is bring your dog to the vet because there is a dog you can immediately get a good handling as well as you can know the pain of what your dog natural. For example, the infused replacement fluid feeding, injected medication anti-vomiting, anti-diarrhea, as well as vitamins.

According to medical science, the dog has the opportunity cured if treated inpatient or outpatient. However, the costs incurred certainly not least, because the tail of the dog need cost Rp. 250.000; not including the hose and the infusion needle if damaged because the dog could not control himself, this is done at least 7 days and this also does not guarantee the safety of the dog.

I want to share the experience about how my dog can heal tota from the virus parvo. About 3 weeks ago, I adopted 2 pups purebred dog shitzhu mix pom. Commencing one week after I brought it home, one of my dogs is experiencing the early symptoms of parvo. Because I first time to keep the puppy, I think it's just wrong to eat.

However, 2 days later my dog is only infected and experiencing the same symptoms, and the next day I immediately take it to the vet good service. After the examination and test results which say that both my dog positive for parvo, I was confused because not able to finance their treatment.

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Home Remedies For Parvo

Finally I back home and try to give the bear's milk and raw egg yolks regularly based on research, both these foods are very good for killing the virus in the body of the dog (beritasatu.com, 2014). As a result, after 3 days of doing the treatment at home, both my dogs back active and appetite but I still pay attention to the conditions and provide the intake of good vitamins.

Please be aware if the dog already looks healthy, doesn't mean it's cured. Of course we must remain painstaking care for them until cured. Until this time both my dogs are always excited and active as well as appetite.

Prevention for parvo

Prevention the most important thing to do is :
  • vaccinate your dog early on, when necessary since the age of 1.5 months. Then do the routine once a month in the first 3 months, the rest of the routine once a year.

  • Do not bring your dog keluarrumah before the age of 1 year,because outside the house there are many bacteria and virus which easily enters into the body of the puppy are still vulnerable.

  • Keep your dog from any land as well as used shoes out of the house.

  • Increase the temperature of the cage/dog house by way of a pair of light of at least 5 watts so that the temperature of the body remains stable.

  • Give good vitamins to strengthen the antibodies of dogs.

  • If you ever keep a dog infected parvo, wait at least 1 year before nurturing a new puppy because parvo can be contracted through the air. Then wash the equipment your dog with whitening ingredients that are known to be quite powerful to kill the virus

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