5 Home Remedies For Running Nose

Home remedies for running nose, Disorders the most excruciating time of colds are runny nose or watery, as well as a stuffy nose if the mucus is too viscous. If you experience one of them, don't panic because many ways can be done to ease it. One of them is to multiply the drinking water to maintain the humidity of the tissue around the sinuses and nose. Levels of enough water will prevent the occurrence of infection, or if there is already infection it will keep the condition is not deteriorating.

In addition, also avoid the trigger because sometimes a runny nose and congestion is just an allergic reaction to certain materials for example dust, dirt, animal dander and pollen of the flowers. Use of antiallergic drugs if it is not possible to avoid it.

The rest, runny nose and nasal congestion must be addressed in a different way. Runny nose is relatively easy to overcome, while a stuffy nose is a bit harder because they have to thin the mucus in advance to be more easily removed.
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Home Remedies For Running Nose

There are some easy tips that You can do at home to reduce Your nose that snot-nosed such as the following :

1. Drinking water
Keep your body hydrated while a runny nose is the easy way to do it. Of fluid You drink helps to thin the mucus so it can reduce the pressure on the sinuses, so that irritation and inflammation are reduced. Not only by drinking water, You can get fluid intake by drinking juices or eating soup.

Choose a drink that is warm is better than cold. Hot herbal tea from a mixture of ginger, chamomile, mint leaves, or nettles can be Your choice. Because this tea contains decongestant light and when You breathe in the steam from the drink this helps relieve Your nose that is clogged by snot.

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2. Inhale the steam

Quoted from Healthline, inhaling hot steam has been shown to help cope with a runny nose. A study conducted in the year 2015 concluded that steam inhalation is quite effective for patients with the common cold. This reduces the recovery time of the disease about one week faster than with not to inhale the vapor at all.

Along with sipping a warm drink, You can inhale the steam of warm water that You put in the container. You can add some droplets of essential oil is a decongestant so steam work better cope with Your nose a little snot.

Use a humidifier (a humidifier) in the room also helps relieve nasal Your runny-nosed. These machines convert water into steam of water which slowly fills the air. When inhaled, this will thin the mucus and help empty the fluids in Your nose of excess so that breathing returns to normal.

Shower with hot water is the same effect by inhaling hot steam. It may even help Your breathing get back to normal even though temporary. How to set the temperature of the hot water that is appropriate, put a towel over Your head while the water is flowing. Then, take a deep breath. However, do not bathe too long because it can make the body chills and dry skin.

Home Remedies For Running Nose

3. For the salt spray
Some types of salt included in decongestants. Make a solution of salt can increase the moisture of the nose and thins mucus. However, You need the advice and instructions of your doctor to make a salt spray. This spray should not be used more than three days and used in conjunction with other drugs.

How to make salt spray:
  • Prepare an airtight container
  • Mix three teaspoons of salt free idioda and one teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Give the mature sterile instead of tap water or distilled water
  • Move the solution in the neti pot

First, tilt your head slightly to one side, the nose part of the neti pot is put in one nostril. Let the salt solution enters from the nasal cavity and out of the other nostril.

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4. Sleeping with higher pillows
At night, use extra pillows for the head can relieve Your nasal passages are clogged. However, make sure that the pillow is not too high so that You remain comfortable.

5. Eating spicy food
Sometimes the nose of a rookie making a stuffy nose. Spicy food can make runny nose and reduces nasal congestion. If You are not accustomed to spicy food, try a little bit to relieve colds.

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