Here's Natural Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Home remedies for swollen eyes, The choice of drugs puffy eyes is very diverse. Ranging from of eye drops that can be purchased freely or have to go through a doctor's prescription, antibiotics are added dropwise, up to a cream or ointment is smeared. Use of drugs puffy eyes depends on the cause as well as the conditions that accompany it.

Eyes swelling or edema of the periorbital is a condition which refers to excess fluid in the connective tissue around the eyes. Puffy eyes often occur in the eyelids and can interfere with Your activities. This condition can arise due to several reasons, therefore we recommend prior consultation with the doctor before using the drug puffy eyes.
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Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Prevent of swollen eyes

There are several ways to prevent the eye is not swollen. Among them are the following :

1. Avoid causes of allergies
Do allergy testing to know for sure what the cause of the allergy that You are experiencing. Thus, You can avoid these causes to prevent the occurrence of puffy eyes.

2. Use eye protection
For those of You who often do activities with a high risk of eye injury, it is important to use protective eye. Special glasses are made of polycarbonate can also protect You from ultraviolet rays.

3. Use eye drops without preservatives
When You use eye drops, use of the drug or product without preservatives. It is because the eye drops with preservatives is likely to contain substances of an irritating which can cause eye irritation.

4. Maintain the cleanliness of the body
Frequent hand washing and stop the habit of touching your eyes can reduce the risk of infection in the eyes can lead to puffy eyes. If necessary, use a towel or a tissue clean when cleaning the face and eyes.

5. Diligent cleaning of contact lenses
For those of You who use contact lenses, You should regularly clean and replace Your contact lenses. It aims to minimize the risk of eye infections or irritation.

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The causes of swollen eyes

Eye pain swelling is sometimes due to weather and air pollution so if you avoid it will disappear without medication also :

  • Hormonal changes in the body during menstruation, Pregnancy and age.
  • Injury close to eyes or around the eyelids
  • Pollution of the environment
  • Allergic reactions to the drug
  • The salt content in tears
  • Too much sleep, Lack of sleep and interrupted Sleep
  • As a result of insect bites (could trigger leaks in the subcutaneous capillary)
  • Menopause (causes fluid retention in the subcutaneous tissues under the eyes)
  • Consuming excess alcohol, drugs and Smoking (make the eyes red-colored as well as trigger swelling under the eyes)
  • Food Diet (high salt encourages fluid retention around the eyes)
  • Cried in a long time ( Because more blood to flow when crying)
  • A family history who have puffy eyes are more prone to experience it
  • Skin infections such as Eczema or Psoriasis when it occurs on the face especially near the eyes
Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Herbal treatment

Here is an easy way to make a decoction of the medicinal benefits of herbs betel leaf in overcoming the diseases of the eye. You should use betel leaves in green, not the red betel leaf.

Prepare 6 pieces of betel leaf that is still fresh, then wash the betel leaves with clean water. Then boiled with 2 cups of water and give a little salt, then boiled until boiling.

After decoction betel leaf to a boil, then remove from heat and cool until the water decoction betel leaves cold.Next, strain the water decoction betel leaves last with a sieve to squeeze out the lime juice.

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Then use water decoction betel leaf that has been filtered to clean up the eye sore, the trick is to pour a little water godokan betel leaves on a pisin the last little blinks in your eyes the pain. Do this treatment in the morning and evening regularly until it hurts the eyes actually heal.

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