Itching Vigina Home Remedies and Causes

Itching vigina home remedies, Itching in the vagina is a problem that is often experienced by the woman. In addition it can cause itching and odor, these conditions can also make You to be not comfortable.

Therefore, many women are looking for ways to remove itching on the vagina.

According to dr. Monica Tan, to reduce the itching in the vagina can using warm water or water decoction of betel leaves to wash the vaginal area.

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Itching Vigina Home Remedies

Natural way to eliminate the itching in the vagina
But if the itching is caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites, the itching will not be reduced even if using warm water and a water decoction of betel. Well, here is a natural way to eliminate the itching in the vagina :

1. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar able to help You in eliminating the itching in the vagina caused by a fungus or bacteria. It is caused apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and antifungal. Not only that, apple cider vinegar is also able to make the vagina acidic so that bacteria can not develop.

The trick is to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, then mix with warm water. Then, washing the vagina as much as two times in one day regularly.

2. Compress with cold water
Itching in the vagina often come at night. In addition can interfere with Your sleep time, it can also make You tired because it must be trying to stop the itch. Therefore, You can compress the vagina with cold water or ice cubes.

3. Salt
Salt is believed to relieve itching and bacteria in the vagina. It is because salt has antibacterial properties. It's easy, You just need to wash your vagina with salt water every time You feel itchy. Salt, in addition to can make relieve itching, it is also able to prevent the development of bacteria.

4. Garlic
In addition to being used as a spice in cooking, garlic has a pungent aroma also has antibacterial properties which is able to eliminate itching in the vagina.

5. Yogurt
To eliminate itching in the vagina, You can consume yogurt pure unsweetened every day and if You want better results, You can directly rub it on Your vagina. It is caused, yogurt pure have active substances that can eliminate the bad bacteria and add good bacteria in the vagina.

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Itching Vigina Home Remedies

The causes itching vigina
Itching in the vagina and the anus rarely is the result of syphilis. These conditions can be caused by the following things :

  • Infection, for example because there is a vaginal discharge, intestinal worms, scabies, fungal infections, or sexually transmitted infections

  • Skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, lichen simplex, lichen planus, and lichen sclerosus

  • System the skin of the vulva to soap, cleaning products, perfume, deodorant, excessive perspiration, condoms, wet wipes, dyes clothing, detergents, clothes softener, clothes, etc.

  • The rest of the urine/feces by flushing and drying area which is less good, or the habit of mencebok wrong (supposed to be from the front to the back)

  • The use of hormonal birth control (birth control pills)

  • Condition pregnant and nursing

  • Diseases such as blood disorders, thyroid disorders, kidney disorders, liver disorders, diabetes

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