Itchy Anus Home Remedies and Treatment

Itchy anus home remedies, Itchy Anus medically known as pruritus ani, is a common condition in which the skin around the anus (rectum) is very itchy so to encourage people to scratch it. This condition makes people feel uncomfortable, can also cause a wound due to scratching. Basically, the anus itching is a common condition that and in fact is experienced by many men.

Many of the factors that trigger itching in the area, for example the effect of the use of antibiotics, excessive sweating, diabetes type 1 and/or type 2 diabetes, factors of food consumed, the condition of the skin that are not healthy, or stools that stick to the panties.
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Itchy Anus Home Remedies

Area of the anus that itch can look flushed and feel sore. Levels itching that appear will vary on each person. There is a sense of itch can be detained, but there are also very itchy, depending on the cause. Alert, itching that makes You want to scratch it constantly run the risk of making the surface of the skin is irritated.

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Several factors can make the itching in the anus becoming worse. Among them are :
  • The conditions of heat, damp, or wet around the anus.
  • Wiping is not clean, so are the rest of the dirt (feces) on the skin around the anus.
  • Stress and anxious.
If not treated immediately, there are some complications that can be experienced by sufferers of the anus itching because scratching the area of the anus, namely:
  • Irritation and sores on the skin around the anus.
  • Thickening of the skin around the anus.
  • Infection.
Symptoms Itchy Anus

Itching in the anus (rectal) may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as redness, burning, or pain in the skin around the anus. Itching and irritation can last short or long, depending on the cause of the emergence of itching.

Please consult with your doctor if You experience anal itching is accompanied by :
  • Bleeding or discharge of fluids such as mucus from the anus.
  • Lump around the anus.
  • Change in pattern of bowel movements.
The Causes Itchy Anus

There are several factors that can trigger the appearance of itching in the anus, among which are :
  • Care of the body. Too often or rarely clean the skin of the anus, as well as the use product skin cleansers are not suitable, such as wet wipes, soap, or cleaners of womanhood.

  • Infection. Sexually transmitted infections can involve the area of the anus and cause itching. Fungal infections and pinworms can also cause itching around the anus.

  • Diseases of the skin. Psoriasis and contact dermatitis can also cause itching in the anus.

  • Other medical conditions, such as diarrhea, hemorrhoids, tumors of the anus, or diabetes.

  • Diet. Irritation that led to the emergence of itching in the anus can be caused by food and beverages consumed. Spicy foods, tomatoes, citrus, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, coffee tea, milk, alcoholic beverages or carbonated drinks are examples of foods and drinks can irritate the anus. In addition, consumption of vitamin C tablets can also cause anus itching.

  • The use of antibiotic drugs. Some antibiotics can interfere with the good bacteria (normal flora) in the intestines, thereby triggering the anus itching. The antibiotic is erythromycin and the tetracyclin.
Treatment the Itchy Anus Can be Done at Home

When You are experiencing anus itching, treatment can still be done at home. If the cause of anus itching is because of the cleanliness factor, then make sure the area Your anus is always in a clean state. Clean the area of the anus with the use of wet wipes, a cloth that has been moistened with warm water, or cotton that has been moistened. Wipe the area of the anus slowly so as not to irritation occurs.

If anus itching caused by excessive sweating, avoid wearing tight clothing. Priority clothing made of cotton is it absorbs sweat and does not wear clothing of synthetic material. Always pat dry the anus and the parts surrounding it after completion of the bath. You can also sprinkle the powder on the skin that itch so as not to damp. Before you apply, make sure that the area of the anus is completely dry.

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Itchy Anus Home Remedies

Step treatment the anus itching selected the doctor based on the cause. Some methods of treatment which may be advisable in this case is :
  • Cream antigatal and drug consumption antihistamines. Antihistamines are given if itching is more severe at night and disturb Your sleep.

  • Administration of a corticosteroid cream or antifungal. Corticosteroid cream is usually used if there is contact dermatitis, while the cream anti-fungal to if the suspected cause of the anus itch is a fungal infection.

  • Resolve the cause of the other. When there is a fistula ani, or hemorrhoids, need to be addressed. Similarly, if there is a pinworm infection, will be given a worm medicine.
How To Reduce The Itching ?

So the itching is noticeably reduced, some of the following tips You can follow :

  • Scratching will make the skin feel more itchy. Hence, resist the urge to scratch the area. Thus, You have break the cycle of itching. As a precautionary measure some of the

  • scissors Your nails to short so that the skin is not irritated when You accidentally scratch it on during sleep.

  •  Taking the drug oral antihistamines at night to reduce itching at night. However, avoid giving an antihistamine in children if not consult to the doctor.

  • Bath three times a day using warm water. Use warm water also to wash each time after a bowel movement. After that, dry it with a better wear a soft towel or a hair dryer with low temperature.

  • Manage stress well because some people tend to experience itching on the skin when it is stressed or anxious.

  • Avoid foods that can increase itching, such as chocolate, vitamin C is too much, tomatoes, and spicy foods. For a while, avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, and alcoholic beverages.
At its core, care of the anus itching in the house will depend to the cause. You are advised to find know first about its main cause, then take steps care. If the condition is not improving, then it is time to contact Your doctor.

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