Secrets About Kailyn Lowry Pregnant

Kailyn lowry pregnant - A study by the ‘National Bureau of Economic Research’ suggest that since the launch of the show's popular ‘16 and Pregnant’ teen pregnancy rates declined by as much as 6% in the area where the program is frequently watched.

Show a documentary the first ‘MTV’ about Kailyn Lowry at the age of 17 years continues until the period of her pregnancy and the birth of her first child.

The show was trying to present a picture of parents for real to encourage the youth to wait first before starting a family. Since then, the program already followed by the mother's age teens and has created a series of advanced that some people have believed this prevented more than 20,000 births to mother age of teen in 2010.
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kailyn lowry pregnant

Some general statistics of teen pregnancy including the fact that 3 of 10 American girls get pregnant at least once before the age they reach 20 years. Less than 2% of teen mothers have already obtained a college degree at the age of 30. The united States is one of the countries with the teen pregnancy rate among the highest of the industrial world of the west.

Eight out of ten fathers age teens do not marry the mother of their child. Sexually active teens who do not use contraceptives has a 90% chance to become pregnant in a year. Almost 50% of teens never think about how pregnancy will affect their lives.

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kailyn lowry pregnant

“Families born by accident, rather than perencenaan,” it is not good for men, not for women and it is not good for children, said Kathryn Edin, a researcher poverty at Harvard University. “Cause ketidaksamarataan and rewind the opportunities of the people in the lower ranks that make the situation not so meaningful for these youth,” she said about the teens with very low income who want to have children.

 “It looks like the chances their lives will be dangerous significantly with having children, because they are already in circumstances that are less fortunate.”

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