8 Natural Home Remedies For Flies

Natural home remedies for flies, The presence of several kinds of insects often disturb the comfort of our homes. Therefore masbroo many times to discuss how to cope with the interference of attack such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and now we will discuss the flies.

In addition to making the atmosphere uncomfortable, fly is known to animals that often spread a variety of diseases. It is inseparable from the environment and their life cycles are always associated with the world of the decomposition of the latter.

So they often carry dirt on places that are visited. One of the places most often visited, even can be said to be a favorite place after the dirt which is food. If there is food then flies it will soon perch.

Can be imagined only if the flies were coming from where and what happens to our food. So, regardless of the length of the width of the let's talk about how to repel flies in the home and from the food through to the finish.
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Natural Home Remedies For Flies
How To Repel Flies Naturally :

1. Candles
Have You ever seen a candle that is mounted in the stalls to eat during the day? This wax does not function as a lighting, but rather to repel flies flying around the food. Yes, the heat issued from the fire in the candles are mounted will make the flies do not dare to be near him. That's why many food stalls put candles near the food served. However, be careful in using candles in order not to fire.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
A fly is an animal that is very easy to set up. You can make a trap using apple cider vinegar that smells enough to attract the attention of flies.

First, use the mineral water bottle is used which is cut in the middle, then fill the bottle with apple cider vinegar to half. After that, create a lid for the bottle from the paper, then punch a hole through the paper with the size can be entered by the flies. Put the bottle containing apple cider vinegar in place of many flies, then not long the flies will get into the bottle.

You need to know that flies are not animals that are smart enough to find a way out. So, the flies will be trapped inside the bottle and died of a submerged vinegar apple.

3. Lavender and tomatoes

Lavender and tomatoes is a number of plants that can repel flies. Simply place these plants near a window or entrance of the house so that the flies do not dare to enter. If you don't want to plant plant insect repellent, just take a few sprigs of lavender flowers and then put in in Your home.

4. Clove
We all know that the clove aroma is very concentrated. Therefore, we recommend cloves to repel flies naturally. All You need is seeds and cloves. Then, soak the seeds and cloves in a container filled with water. Put the container in the place of many flies.

The Aroma of cloves is not liked by flies. In addition, You can combine cloves and apples. The trick is to peel the fruit fully ripened apples, then cover apples with clove. Put the apple is covered with cloves this on top of the dining table, then it is guaranteed that the fly will not dare to approach to Your dinner table.

1. The pandan leaves
Pandan leaves can be used to repel ants, but You can also use leaves that have a fragrant aroma as how to repel flies. In addition to natural and fragrant smell, the pandan leaves will not contaminate Your food.

How to utilize the leaves of the panda as a fly repellent natural is to slice the pandan leaves is small, then place in a bowl or plate. Then, place the container containing the pandan leaves in places which are often visited by flies, especially at the dinner table. The flies will get away because you don't like the scent of the leaves panda.
Natural Home Remedies For Flies

6. Plastic Contain Water
This way it is not a new way again because it is already widely used. Even we often see her in the stalls of water wrapped in plastic then in ceilings. Then what is the relationship between a parcel of water in the plastic and the flies? apabenar can repel flies?

Question: why would those that may be uttered in our minds when heard that way able to repel the flies. You including normal if think so because everything seems has nothing to do it must be proven first and can be trusted. Please be aware that the way to repel flies with water and a plastic bag this is not only done in Indonesia. In fact, in luarnegeri there already is first to do it.

If seen from the point of view of science, it turns out very reasonable if the bag of water in plastic that can repel flies. It is inseparable from the refraction of light caused by water tebungkus plastic turned out to make the flies become disoriented like witnessing a mirage. So that they become dizzy and go away.

Fly's eye has a different angle, not like the human eye. There are about 3000 – 6000 eyes on each orb of eyes of flies. Such eyes can't focus on one point of view as our eyes. Eyes-the eyes that display a variety of different angle like 3000 – 6000 CCTV monitor that displays a different view.

So when the flies are exposed to the refraction of light due to the parcel of water in the plastic they will be very tormented. Then will choose to leave the area. So, it's clearly not why flies can be cast out with the parcel of water in the plastic in the cable.

Tools needed :
  • Water white percent
  • Pouches clear plastic
  • Strap
How :
  • The contents of the plastic with water, can be half more then fastening the
  • Hanging plastic to contain the water in places that want to be rid of the flies
7. Lemon or Lime juice
We all know that the scent of lemon or lime is very fragrant and refreshing? However, the aroma of the fruit is hated by flies. Take advantage of this fruit as an ingredient to repel flies naturally.

Sliced fruit lemon or lime juice, then insert the seeds and cloves in slices of the fruit. Put pieces of lemon or lime is in near food that often flies. Strong Aroma of citrus fruits combined with the clove it will make the flies away from Your food.

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8. Milk and Pepper
Milk is a type of drink that is quite often attract the attention of flies. I wonder if a glass of milk in Your house will soon be infested by this insect if it is not closed. Take advantage of milk as a way to repel flies, which is quite practical.

First, You should boil this milk in a saucepan, then add sugar to taste. Enter the pepper powder to the milk and boil for 10 – 15 minutes. Put the milk solution in a glass or bowl and serve on the dining table.

The flies will be attracted to the aroma of sugar and milk, but these insects will die when they alighted on a solution of milk, because the taste of pepper powder which is very intoxicating.

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