Here's 5 Home Remedies For Gnats

Home remedies for gnats, Gnat is a small insect that generally can be found in the around waters such as rivers, lakes, seas and damp places. Gnats are included in the suborder Nematocera and are further divided into many types with varied colors ranging from white, black and red. Gnats still have a relationship with the mosquito but has the smaller body size of the mosquito.

Unfortunately, full information about the gnats still very difficult to find because the gnats classified as animals that are quite rare and need a special environment to breed.
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Natural Home Remedies For Gnats

The physical form of the gnats can say is a combination between the physical form of mosquitoes, flies with wasps, but in a size that is much smaller. One of the types of gnats that can be described is fungus gnats, namely gnats with black color, body shape that resembles a mosquito, and has a pair of transparent wings.

The legs of gnats is longer than the mosquitoes and gnats have a sensor in the form of antenna on his head. (also read: the dangers of dog bites rabies). Gnats males which amounted to 2 times more than gnats females often move in one large horde that is referred to as swarm or ghost, they used to gather in the afternoon.

The larvae of the gnats are divided into 2 types, namely who were in the land and in the water. The larvae of the gnats are in the soil are plant eaters (herbivore) with a shape resembling a caterpillar. His body was transparent yellowish with the head of the circle colored black. The larvae of the gnats the water is very similar to mosquito larvae but has a smaller size. The body of the larvae of gnats water is divided into several segments, the first segment is the head of the larva itself.

The second part is the part the shoulders of the larvae that are in the back of the head and is the largest segment, the third part is the body of the gnats which is divided into several part resembles a caterpillar and has a fluffy fur as well as the last is the tail of the larvae of gnats, which serves as a fin for swimming.

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Symptoms of the dangers of the bites of gnats

1. rashes and irritation
The bite of the gnats will cause the skin of the bite becomes red and irritation, if bitten by a lot of gnats, the effect of the rashes will occur all over the body such as the face, neck, hands to feet.

2. Bumps
A few minutes after the bite, red patches that expands and swells forming bumps or small pimples. If you are bitten by a lot of gnats in the same place, the skin that is bitten will swell to a size large enough to resemble burns. (also read: drug chicken pox)

3. Itching and smarting
Itching and smarting is one of the symptoms that are considered to be the most annoying and the symptoms are causing the gnats has a reputation as an insect that is dangerous because it creates a combination between the intense itching and smarting which is getting annoying if carded. Itching can persist for up to several days. (also read: drug itching)

4. Fester
If the rash and swelling is not treated optimally and often carded to create a wound, you can be exposed to infections and sores from the rash will release the pus is of course still with itching and smarting which is the more tormenting

Natural Home Remedies For Gnats

Treat the bites of gnats

A. Treatment from the outside

1. Keep the cleanliness of the wound
The cleanliness of the wound should be maintained so that the wound can recover soon, but the cleanliness of the wound can not be done with just wash it off with warm or cold water, even with eucalyptus oil, balm, or betadine.

The cleanliness of the wound can be maintained by cleaning the wound regularly at least two times a day using a solution of an infusion of NaCl 0.9% using a cotton swab then smeared on the wound until the pus clot out and clean. Wipe carefully so as not to sore.

2. Use The Ointment Gentamicin
Apply the ointment on the wound at least twice a day after cleaning the wound with a solution of an infusion of NaCl 0.9%. Gentamicin is an antibiotic class aminoglycosides effective to inhibit the germs-the germs that cause skin infections, both primary and secondary skin such as Staphylococci that produce penicillinase Pseudomonas aeruginosa and others.

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B. Treatment of inside

Treatment from the inside can be done by consuming drugs-the following drugs :

1. Cefadroxil (500mg)
This drug serves as antibiotic with a broad spectrum, to treat infections caused by bacteria in different parts of the body so as not to occur resistance. Cefadroxil taken three times a day, (read also: types of disorders of the nervous system)

2. Methylprednisolone (500mg)
These drugs function as anti-inflammatory Moraxella catarrhalis are able to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the wound of the bite of gnats that did not happen infections that are sustainable. Methylprednisolone taken three times a day 1 tablet.

3. Cetirizin (10mg)
This drug works to relieve itching, heat, and pain caused by the bite of abas. For adults Cetirizin taken once a day, can be drunk in the morning, afternoon, or night.

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