Here's 7 Natural Home Remedies For Lost Voice

Home remedies for lost voice, You don't have a cough for a month, but the sound disappeared and did not improve. What actually happened ? Laryngitis, the most common cause of hoarseness or loss of voice, occurs when the voice box is irritated or the presence of inflammation. So, causing swelling that makes the vocal cords is interrupted to open and close smoothly. The movement of the vocal cords is what creates the sound. Viral infections, such as cough and flu is a common cause, but not the only cause.

Strain sound can also be a cause of laryngitis, for example, when You don't stop shouting at a music concert or a sports game can cause the sound to disappear. Strain this sound will disappear or heal itself with adequate rest and consume plenty of fluids.

With notes, You should completely rest Your voice, especially if Your voice is lost completely. Not only can help the healing faster, but force yourself to have a voice can damage the vocal cords and lead to the formation of polyps or nodules that may require surgery.
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Natural Home Remedies For Lost Voice

If hoarseness persists up to several weeks or keeps coming back, maybe there is something else going on. One of the possibilities is the presence of reflux stomach acid. When stomach acid up into the esophagus, it can cause irritation on the vocal cords.

This type of reflux is most often nothing to do with the sound problem called reflux disease laryngopharyngeal. The doctor will usually prescribe the antacid or some kind of other drugs, such as steroids that can help the condition of the sound bouncing back.

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Another possibility is the presence of a fungal infection of the throat, commonly called thrush. This often appears in people with immune system is low, such as people with HIV or cancer. In addition, the patients with asthma often use inhalers corticosteroids are also vulnerable to thrush.

This is because steroids can lower the immune function, which allows fungus growth. Anti-fungal medication oral can be used to overcome this problem.

To get a proper diagnosis, You can berkonsumtasi with an ENT specialist (Ear, nose, throat), which could see a tape of Your voice with the check tool special, whether caused by the fungus or the stomach acid. With the examination by the ENT doctor will also quickly detect if there is something more serious, such as cancer of the larynx, which is commonly characterized by ear pain and a sore throat.

10 How to Restore a Missing Sound

1. Drink lots of water
How to restore a missing sound turned out to be associated with Your life day-to-day. Yes, everyone definitely needs the intake of fluid each day. Therefore, it can be ascertained that a man should drink as much as 8 glasses per day.

When Your voice is lost, it means that the body is not in a fit condition. You should provide hydration of the body with fluid so that the body does not experience dehydration. Fluid intake can also increase the humidity around the throat. So, when the throat feels dry and Your voice disappears, you should drink plenty of water.

2. Avoid foods that contain acid
Isn't when a hoarse voice we need to consume orange juice? In fact, lime is a food that contains acid. The content of this indeed does not give a direct impact on the vocal cords. However, acidic substances can trigger the stomach acid up into the esophagus.

If stomach acid up into the esophagus, then it will aggravate the inflammation and Your voice is getting lost. Not just the orange course, You should also avoid a number of foods and drinks that contain acid, such as tea, vinegar, and chocolate.

3. Quit smoking
If You have the habit of smoking and want to sound the lost can return as soon as possible, preferably for a while You stop smoking first. Smoking will only add to aggravate the condition of Your vocal cords. In fact, not merely loss of voice, smoking can make You cough-cough.

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Natural Home Remedies For Lost Voice

So, the most powerful solution to restore the sound lost is to stop smoking for a while. If You are not active smokers, should avoid exposure to cigarette smoke until Your voice completely back.

4. The consumption of garlic
It is common knowledge that garlic has many health benefits, one of which is cancer. However, do You know if garlic can be how to restore a missing sound? You only need to destroy 1 clove of garlic, then mix it with pure honey.

Then, eat one spoon of garlic paste was as much as 3-4 times a day.
Don't forget to drink a decoction of garlic with warm water so that the throat feels more relieved. In addition, You can also consume chopped garlic that has been given a little salt. Business this one is very cheap and You can try anytime.

5. Rest your voice to recover

When Your voice is gone, You should rest to speak. Don't talk with a high tone especially with the volume too loud. This way is very beneficial in the recovery process of the vocal cords. If You have to constantly talk or sing, then the condition of the tape the sound will not improve and the sound will be lost.

“Fasting” talk this is the most effective way to recover lost votes. So, what if You want to communicate with other people? For a while just use paper and pen to convey Your message to others.

6. Breathe hot steam
The benefits of inhaling the steam heat was very great indeed. Hot steam can relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and the various problems in the throat. Therapy inhaling steam heat is also allegedly can restore the sound lost.

The trick is to provide a basin or container filled with hot water. Put Your face right in the presence of hot steam. Cover head with a towel so that the steam heat really got to in Your sinuses. Inhale the hot steam deeply for a few times. In addition to relieving sinus symptoms, hot steam can also relieve the problems in the throat.

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7. Gargle by steeping the roots of the sweet
Never heard the name of the root of the licorice or liquorice? Plant this one turned out can be a way to restore the missing voice effectively. First of all, You have to provide the root of the sweet first can be purchased in herbal stores or markets.

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