Here's 10 Natural Home Remedies To Kill Roaches

Home remedies to kill roaches, Pests in the home consist of all manner of animals. Among the other cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, flies, ants. Where the most annoying You? Of course there is no exception remember everything has a bad impact on the health of Your family.

The problem, is not as easy as it eradicate the pests-these pests. They are easily found in the corner of the house, the kitchen, the bathroom, under the bed, and much more. Cockroaches for example, because it is easy to adapt, then these animals include difficult expelled in one place.

If the fluid of insects alone is not enough to beat it, then You need a solution smarter rather than just relying on chemicals that can harm family members.
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Natural Home Remedies To Kill Roaches

Natural way to kill roaches :

1. Bay Leaf
The leaves are actually is the spice of this kitchen so easy to come by in the market and the price is cheap. But, the smell turns out not favored cockroach. How to use it, simply put bay leaves in places where there are many cockroaches.

Cockroaches will by itself go because he did not like the smell of bay leaves is good in the wet and dry. For maximum results, use leaves that are already dry and then mashed into a powder. The form of powder will release the smell that is pungent so that the roaches also don't want to come again to the places that are spiked with the powder of bay leaves.

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2. Pepper
Puree white pepper or pepper grains, put it in a gauze, tie with a rubber band. Make a few pieces for diletakkkan in a place that often becomes the nest or frequented by cockroaches. The smell generated will make the cockroaches do not feel comfortable and will leave your home.

You can also chop it and mixed with water until it becomes a paste. Then smeared in places there are a lot of cockroaches.

3. Cucumber
The pieces of cucumber that is put in aluminum cans empty can also create a smell that can kill a cockroach.

4. Baking Soda and Sugar
In addition, a mixture of baking soda and sugar put in a bowl and sprinkle near areas where cockroaches can also create a dead cockroach.

5. Jasmine Flowers
In addition as the ingredients of a fragrance oil, jasmine flowers we can benefit to repel cockroaches.
Iris small jasmine flowers and then put in place the cockroaches are. Fragrant emerging from jasmine flowers turned out to give a different effect for the cockroaches. This will make them uncomfortable.

6. Camphor
It's not just scent the closets and bathrooms, camphor turns the also have the benefit to repel cockroaches. Put mothballs in the area where cockroaches hang out. The smell of the fresh will repel cockroaches.

Natural Home Remedies To Kill Roaches

7. Bar Soap
You cut small pieces of bar soap, put it in a bowl filled with water. Stir until mixed with water. Furthermore, put in the humid place usually cockroaches nesting.

8. The Skin Of The Egg
Not many know egg shells can be beneficial for beauty and other household needs. To repel the pest, let the egg shells dry out, and then grow up into a powder. Sprinkle immediately on the corners of the pests are nesting inside or the outside of the house.

Types of pests that can be overcome with egg shell powder, among others, slugs, snails, mollusca, ticks, and beetles. They will squirm and die immediately.

9. Petroleum jelly

As for this Mama know that petroleum jelly usually used as a moisturizing lip Mama that dry or also to cope with burns. However, there is one of the benefits of petroleum jelly that has not yet Mama know, it turns out that petroleum jelly can also be used as a trap to repel cockroaches, you know.

It is also easy, Ma. Mix sugar and petroleum jelly until evenly, then apply on a sheet of paper unused. After that, place the paper that has been smeared with a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar was in the place cockroaches are often encountered.

By doing so, the cockroaches will be interested in the content of sugar in this mixture, and automatically cockroaches will get stuck on the petroleum jelly as it approached.

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10. Coffee
Don't just scent-fragrance which is not liked by the cockroaches, it turns out that the scent of very strong coffee is also not preferred cockroaches. If you want to eradicate cockroaches with easy way with found materials, coffee powder is very potent repel cockroaches in the kitchen area.

Mama only need to sprinkle the powder of black coffee in some corner of the kitchen which often becomes the place cockroaches hide. So, Mama's kitchen will be free from cockroaches.

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