Natural Home Remedies For Toothaches

Natural home remedies for toothaches, Tooth pain is one disease that everyone is aware of. How could I not? all the activities that you will do will be distracted by the teeth that are sick, whether you're eating, work, exercise, even sleep though it will feel very disturbed, even you are doing other activities outside or inside the house.

The most severe is when someone invites you to chat, loud, or mocking you, at the same time you will feel upset once because one of the causes, namely toothache.

Natural Home Remedies For Toothaches

The problem of diseases of the teeth had a level of severity that is different from the problem of mild to chronic enough torture. While the cause of the onset of dental disease can be caused by several factors such as cracked teeth, eroded, cavities, mostly eat sweet food like chocolate, candy, chewing gum, the last Factor, as the Gum of the affected tooth.

For those of you who are having problems with the teeth, especially tooth pain, you could try the natural way that we give that can reduce or heal the pain in your teeth. no need to worry because this way is a natural way by relying on natural ingredients that do not cause infection or the other, and certainly the material is also easy to obtain.
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How To Cure Pain Cavities Naturally

1. Salt
Salt in addition to a function for seasoning the kitchen it turns out that salt also serves as a toothache remedies are quite potent. How to use it namely fairly easy to dissolve the salt with warm water then the water is used for gargling. but you need to remember, the water only to “Rinse” and Don't Swallow.

2. Garlic
According to the Book jude's Herbal Home Remedies written by Juce C. Todd, garlic can cure toothache and tooth decay because garlic contains antiseptic compounds.

Way to take one clove of garlic and place it on the aching tooth or perforated. Do for 7 minutes, then remove the garlic and rinse the mouth with warm water.

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Natural Home Remedies For Toothaches

3. Lemongrass
Lemongrass (Not betel) is widely known as citronella. Commonly used as a flavoring spice kitchen especially for pepes fish will add a fragrant aroma. Her way by Boiling 40 g of Leaves of fresh lemongrass with 2 cups of water until the water a half. then gargle with the water decoction of the leaves of lemongrass, do it this way 2 times a day in order to get maximum results.

4. Pepper
Since the first Pepper is already known as one of the ingredients for a traditional natural medicines to cure toothache, and this is a legacy from the ancestors.

How to treat toothache with pepper is very easy, the Trick is to Mix the pepper with Salt. give a few drops of water on a mixture of pepper and salt until formed into a paste. Then apply the mixture on the cavities or teeth that are sick and let stand for a few minutes. For maximum results, this Way you can do every day for the tooth is still sore.

5. Clove Leaf

Cloves are usually used for the material of the deeds of the property, in addition clove leaf turns can be used to treat tooth pain. How to Wash a few leaves and cloves, then brewed with boiling water, then crushed. wring out the cloth, then wet the cotton with water, then jejelkan up your teeth are pain.
6. Red Onion
In addition to the garlic, it turns out that red onions are also very good for treating tooth pain, because the onion contains anti microba. how to treat toothache with onion is also fairly very easy, you prepare a clove of red onion and then crushed, then put the red onion in the cavities or diseased teeth. after completion of your live gargle with warm water or cold.

7. Tea
Warm tea in addition to useful as natural ingredients to remove stubborn blackheads on the face can also help eliminate bacteria in the mouth and reduce the pain for a while. Place the tea bag on the gums to help stop the inflammation. you should not mixed the sugar in the warm tea.

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