Here Are 11 Natural Home Remedy For Scabies

Natural Home remedy for scabies, Scabies is a skin condition itching because the mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. After reproduce above the surface of the skin, the mites get into the skin to lay eggs and this causes the skin to feel very itchy in the area as an allergic reaction. At night, the itching will increase.

Mites very small it could be in the skin for up to two months. Scabies or mange is considered as a contagious disease that can spread quickly through physical contact that is close in the family, kids play group, class, school, nursing home, or prison.

Scabies or mange is a common disease. It was reported that the number of cases of patients with scabies in the world each year about 300 million people. Scabies can affect patients in all age, any income, social level, and the situation of his life. This disease can be overcome by reducing the risk factors. Discuss with doctor for more information.
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Natural Home Remedy For Scabies

Symptoms of scabies
After the initial exposure to the scabies, You could have symptoms of the disease after 6 weeks. If You were once exposed to scabies, You may be at risk of a relapse more quickly, within a few days after exposure.

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Signs and symptoms of scabies are :
  • A rash and itching outside of the usual, often severe and worse at night
  • Traces of such excavation which is thin and irregular
  • The skin is slightly blistered or there are lumps like tiny pimples or discolored
  • You may also have scabies Norwegian in which the scab hardened, with a thick crust containing thousands of mites and eggs
  • The crust is thickened, colored gray-brown, and peel off easily when touched
Scabies is most often found in :
  • Between the fingers of the hand
  • Armpits
  • Around the waist
  • In the wrist
  • Above the elbow section in
  • The soles of the feet
  • Around the breast
  • The area around the male sex
  • Ass
  • Knee
  • The top of the shoulder blades
Contact your doctor if You have signs and symptoms that may indicate scabies. Symptoms of itching and small bumps on the top of the skin affected by scabies the same with other skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. With the help of a doctor, You are able to determine the exact cause and ensure that You receive proper care.

Causes of scabies

Mites are eight-legged is the cause of scabies in humans, which is sized very small. Female mites dig under the skin and create a channel for them to spawn. After the eggs hatch, the larval mites move to the surface of the skin to grow, then they can spread to areas of Your skin or the skin of another person. Mites, eggs, and dirt they make You feel itching as an allergic reaction of Your body against them.

When You direct the physical contact and sharing clothes or bed linen with an infected person, the mites can spread to you so that You experiencing this disease.

You can also experience a skin reaction while in contact with the scabies mites on the animal. In fact, every species of mites clinging on to host more suitable, so the mites will die instantly if they do not live with the hosts deserve.

Treatment of scabies

The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult Your doctor.
What are my treatment options for scabies (scabies)?

To treat scabies, You have to eliminate it with drugs. Some creams and lotions apply with a doctor's prescription. You normally apply the medication all over the body, from the neck down, and leave it for at least 8 hours.

The doctor may also tell all family members and the people closest to the patient to other drugs, although they do not show signs of contracting scabies, in order to prevent the spread of scabies.

You may receive creams to treat scabies with a combination of :
  • 5 percent cream permethrin: this is a topical cream that contains chemicals to kill the scabies and their eggs. Adults, pregnant women, and children from 2 months and over may wear it.

  • 25 percent lotion benzyl benzoate.

  • 10 percent ointment of sulfur.

  • 10 percent cream crotamiton: You can rub it once a day for two days, if You continue to wear it, may not be effective. Children or pregnant women should not wear it;

  • 1 percent lotion lindane lotion is given if other treatments don't help relieve symptoms. Children aged less than two years, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the elderly, or anyone weighing body less than 110 pounds (50 kg) it is prohibited to wear it.
As some of the Ivermectin—oral medication—useful for people with a change the immune system, people who have scabies is hardened, or for people who do not respond to lotions and creams recipes. Although these drugs kill mites quickly, the itching may not completely disappear for a few weeks.

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Natural Home Remedy For Scabies

Home Treatment of scabies

1. A mixture of Turmeric and Olive Oil
turmeric is known as a traditional medicine are very effective against various skin diseases such as scabies, tinea versicolor, swelling, pelepuhan, burn scars, and even anti-aging due to the content of anti bacteria. In particular in the treatment of scabies, mix the olive oil with turmeric powder to taste and apply on the skin infected with scabies.

If there is no olive oil can be replaced with coconut oil. I personally would recommend using turmeric raw just continuously pounded and then mixed with olive oil/coconut oil. But because of the turmeric powder is more practical so there is no problem.
Unfortunately because of saffron can cause the skin to become yellow should be mixed with rice flour with a ratio of 3:1 or to taste.

2. Aloe Vera
I never tried the slime a crocodile treat scabies. The result is very nice especially when the skin becomes dry because of the side effects Scabimite. The skin becomes moist and fresh again. In addition, it helps the recovery of skin which turns into black due to the former scabies. Out there there are already studies that compare the results of treatment of aloe vera and chemical treatment against scabies.

The result is the same-the same effectual treat scabies. If I'm not mistaken comparison of the results of treatment are equally above 95%. Try search in Google by typing “aloe vera+scabies” without quotation marks.

Mucus of aloe vera can cause itching. But do not worry because the effect is not too long. From the first I love smearing my face with aloe vera so it is safe and without side effects at all.

3. Red onion and Garlic
Well, this medication scabies most inexpensive and very effective in treating scabies. How mashed red onion mixed with salt until smooth. After that, mix it again with coconut oil or olive oil to taste so they can stick in the skin in the morning.

In the afternoon, replace the red onion with the garlic. Time applying the garlic, should be retained yes itch. Don't scratch! Do not forget to eat raw garlic every day to keep the immune system of the body increases.

4. Betel Leaf
Betel leaf acts as an anti-septic natural killer of fleas of scabies. How to boil betel leaves or stems of betel leaves mixed with salt and then dissolve it with the water of the bath when I shower of course. Even better, after it is mashed betel leaves and apply on the skin infected with scabies.

5. Salt
Salt is a drug of the disease the skin known since the first. Friends can take a dip in the beach or a warm bath with a mixture of salt. Can use salt or if necessary please use the salt from the dead sea that a powerful the same price.

6. Sulfur
Sulfur can kill lice scabies but unfortunately no eggs. So friends good soak in hot spring baths containing sulfur regularly. If you can't get to the hot springs, just buy sulfur powder at a pharmacy nearby. If not mistaken the price is Rp. 50,000 per kilo.

7. Oil Heat
Oil heat, including traditional treatment no yes? But believe it or not many people are cured of scabies with hot oil. How to take used oil new just taken out of the vehicle then heat on the stove over a very low heat or more safe after your replace the motor oil that has been heated the machine first. Mix with the red onion have been blended and then apply on the skin infected with scabies.

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8. Vinegar
Ouch! Almost forgot the same fluid wryly. Vinegar including acid liquid repellent to fleas and bacteria. Friends can use vinegar kitchen or apple cider vinegar.Apply this liquid on the skin with a cotton swab. Remember, it really the entire breath of this!

9. Lime
Same with the vinegar, lime juice contains acid natural tick repellent scabies. Just apply the lime juice on the skin infected with scabies. Reluctant to talk about about a couple in love indeed but for the sake of healed friends can try it this way as the vinegar above.

10. Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil also include drug scabies most potent. Time I got scabies I used to take eucalyptus oil everywhere. If there was a little red instantly I spread with white wood. Result no 1 h the wound instantly healed. But eucalyptus oil that I use not just any wood but white wood white types of Tea Tree Oil. For reservations for Tea Tree Oil please click The Body Shop below.

11. Noni
If you hold the same smell please friends use noni fruit. Blender noni fruit that have been separated by the seeds. Strain the water and then apply on the skin infected with scabies. After that, the pulp of noni was wrapped with a cloth then put in the skin of the infected scabies.

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