Find Pill Identifier Wizard by Color, Shape, Imprint

Pill identifier wizard - Excess looking for information with digital media is the ease in finding and accessing information. Read each page of the book to find one term or image is not only annoying, but also a waste of time.

In the world of pharmacy and pharmacology, given the large number of drug information, in particular the name of the drug and other, is a difficult thing.

Therefore, it would be very helpful if we have the resources You can get information quickly and easily when You need it.
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Pill Identifier Wizard

The following are the four sources of mandatory information of medicine and pharmacology, both in professional circles and students :

MIMS is a source of information for professionals in the medical world. This Website has a excess in the system the search so You can search for information and pictures of the drug just by entering its name. You can also read the latest news on this website. In addition, there is also a section of special reports related to pharmacy and pharmacology.

This Website provides information about new drugs, be it molecules, formulations or brand new medications.1 New MIMS issued an application for use in mobile phone to further facilitate its use.

2. Hopkins ABX Guide
Hopkins ABX Guide is the online resource contains a list of the pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics and diagnosis. This guide also contains information bacterial infections, signs and symptoms, therapy options, and other. All information in this website is delivered with a language that is easily understood, so that this information can also be enjoyed by students and general consumers. Hopkins ABX Guide is now also available in a mobile phone application.

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Although the website is mainly addressed to consumers, health workers can also use this source. One of the features interesting to try is the identification of pills. With this feature, You can identify the drug through physical sighting such as shape, color, or through the name of the drug. also has the feature of checking the interaction so that You can find the interaction of various types of drugs, side effects, dosage and other information that is associated with the name of the drug. Another feature is a feature of medical transcription who can help You identify a drug that You only know how to read it, but don't know how to write it. This feature also contains a list of the spelling of the wrong drug.

4. Pharmacology
One of the advantages of using a mobile phone application for reference is its simplicity in finding and carry. When You are in a conditions can't read a book or search on the internet, a mobile phone application is the most appropriate choice. A mobile phone application is free for Android users.

Pharmacology contains many topics of pharmacology, such as mechanisms of action work, side effects, interactions, and other. Information submitted with a brief summary so that is easy to read even when doing other work. In addition, each chapter provides help on how to memorize easily. For students, this can be an easy to carry anywhere and quick to give information

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