8 Tips Razor Burn Remedy and Treatment

Razor burn remedy, Shave the beard and mustache could be a daily activity for most men. Burning sensation, bumps, skin that is itchy and dry is a bit of irritation produced while shaving. Most men will experience irritation after shaving. It is certainly caused by many things, among them such as razors that are less sharp, dry or sensitive skin.

Shaving can also cause rashes on the skin. Rash due to shaving different with the burning sensation after shaving. The burning sensation is mild skin irritation due to razor blade that is less sharp or dull, and use a moisturizer that is less while shaving.

Razor called pseudofolliculitis barbae that is irritation after shaving that result in the hair grow back but into the skin. to avoid irritation due to shaving, it helps You know how to shave properly.
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Razor Burn Remedy Treatment

Consider the tips help You avoid from razor burn :

1. Shave Using Warm Water
When You use a razor blade standard, there is a certain method to help prevent razor burn. The first thing You can do is shower before shaving. You can shave in the bathroom. Let water make direct contact with the area to be shaved for a few minutes.

Give me a moment so that the area exposed to the steam and warm water so soft You be a little more gentle. The ends of the hair You will shave will not be as sharp as usual and also will not penetrate the surface of the skin.

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Take note of a few barbers who have decades of working in this field. Usually they will cover the area to be shaved with a warm towel a few minutes before shaving. Warm water while shaving have some benefits, among which are :

  • Warm water will make Your hair stand making it easier for You to shave
  • Relaxes the skin and make the pores more loose. This will help reduce the irritation while Your skin is too tight
  • Open the pores of the skin. Clogged pores will cause acne and potentially blocking or redirecting the hair should grow normally
  • Make the hair ends more rounded for sheared
2. Do With Proper Technique
When You shave and want to avoid a rash due to shaving, You need to use the techniques of shaving. Shave the hair, beard, or mustache You in the direction with the hair growth. You can shave up to two times, but do it gently and do not press hard on Your skin. Don't pull Your skin taut while shaving because the skin taut will make Your hair grow to the surface of the skin and cause a rash.

Razor Burn Remedy Treatment

And if this is You let, rash due to shaving will produce a color change that will last for months and can even create permanent scarring on the skin if it is too severe. However, it can be prevented actually. The severity of razor burn that You experience will determine how extreme the adjustment of the routine of shaving that You do.

For some people avoid a rash due to shaving can be done with a tool or electric razor. With an electric razor, You could measure how high or how thick the hair You want to leave.

3. Use Your Razor Clean
Rash due to shaving is often considered to be because the razor is too sharp. But another fact shows that the razors are dull and blunt can cause a rash on the skin. When the knife or the razor You use is blunt, then the edges will be slightly rounded.

If You use it to shave, then the blade will only run in the top of the hair and bend them into the surface of the skin. In addition, the razor that You use will lift the skin particles and hair are peeled off so as to make it dirty. Dirt on the blades also can create a rash due to shaving on Your skin.

Therefore, wash or rinse the blade and razor You each finished shaving (every one pull when shaving). If the blade and razor You feel difficult to shave the hair, beard, or mustache, then don't hesitate to replace it. Use a razor that is dirty will make You do the work in vain because not all hair will be shaved out.

All of the remaining hair can curl and grow into the skin so that Your skin not only will be scratched and full of ingrown hair, but hair the rest of the shaving will give you views that are not unsightly.

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4. Shower or Use Warm Water Before Shaving

Bath or use warm water before shaving will hydrate the skin and lower the risk of irritation after shaving. Let the area be shaved and exposed to steam and water, or warm water. Hold a few minutes then be prepared to shave. You can also use a warm towel that is affixed on the face.

5. Do Exfoliation
Routine this one often You miss because the steps are not easy and seem pointless. However, exfoliation is very important to do before and after shaving because the skin will become more smooth and more resistant to redness and irritation after shaving.

6. Always Use Shaving Cream As A Lubricant
Use a shaving cream that is able to hydrate Your skin is a necessity when You do routine of shaving. Don't ever shave just using soap and water because it can dry out Your skin. When You shave for the second time, make sure You also apply the shaving cream again.

7. Shave The Direction Of Hair Growth
Shave the mustache and Your beard in the direction with the hair growth. Excessive pressure on the skin when shaving will cause bumps and irritation. Shave the hair with the opposite direction will only cause scratches and wounds on the skin.

8. Rinse With Cold Water and pat Dry
After finished shaving, rinse the shaved with cold water. Cold water or water of normal temperature will help close the pores of the skin open. After rinsed with water dry with a clean towel by the way pat.

Apply some of the above suggestions so that the routine of shaving You will give better results. No matter how busy Your activities, never do dry shaving or shaving without the use of anything other than a razor blade.

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