10 Ways To Rescue Remedy For Dogs and Cats

Rescue remedy for dogs and cats, The dog and cat is one pet that is quite easy to maintain. Basically, dog and cats and cats are very easily taught to follow the behavior of his master. dog and cats and cats can be taught to keep the house, keep the kids, to play this and that. For food, the dog and cat is quite easy and not complicated so that you as the owner will not feel any difficulty in keeping a dog and cat.

However, there is one thing which is quite difficult in keeping a dog and cat. dog and cats and cats tend to want to know all the things. Well, one of the ways a dog and cat to find out about a thing is to bite, even eat something that was fishing his curiosity. Of course this is quite dangerous for the dog and cat and increase the risk of poisoning in dog and cats and cats.

Rescue Remedy For Dogs Cats

Therefore, it becomes your duty as a dog and cat owner to keep the dog and cat from poisoning. Do not place items haphazardly, especially if these items potentially contain toxins.

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However, if you already saw the signs of poisoning in your dog and cat, such as removing excess salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, to seizures, you should immediately try how to cope with dog and cat poisoning here :

1. Wash the dog and cat's Mouth with Clean Water
If your dog and cat is exposed to toxins by consuming material that is toxic, immediately remove the material from his mouth and rinse his mouth with clean water. Wash also the face and mouth to make sure no toxic material is left and stick in there. Make sure there is no more poison in his mouth.

2. Flush the dog and cat with Salt Water and Clean Water
Furthermore, you are also recommended to dousing the dog and cat with water salt and clean water. It aims to cleanse the toxins that might be still carried in his body. Clean water and salt water can neutralize the poison. In addition, dog and cats and cats can also feel more fresh and more ‘aware’ if it has been exposed to clean water.

3. Make A dog and cat Vomiting
As much as possible for your dog and cat vomiting. Make your dog and cat's vomiting will help to reduce the levels of toxins that are already entered into his body. With the escape of a little levels of toxins in his body, will help you have a little longer to take him to the doctor.

To make your dog and cat vomit, you can give him hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Way is by tilting the dog and cat's head to the back then spray hydrogen peroxide to the back of his tongue. Wait up to 10 minutes to see his reaction. If in 10 minutes he doesn't go regurgitating the food, try to give another dose. However, don't until you give him more than two doses of hydrogen peroxide.

4. Give the Lemon Mixture to Neutralize the Toxins
You can also use traditional herbs as a first aid for dog and cat poisoning. The trick is to mix three tablespoons of vinegar or lemon water with three tablespoons of water or milk. Give your dog and cat little by little. This mixture will help neutralize the toxins in his body.

5. Give Coconut Water
The next way that you can also try is give the coconut water a lot. Coconut water has the ability to neutralize toxins while replacing lost body fluids. dog and cat poisoning will generally vomiting and diarrhea, so make it lose a lot of body fluids. To include a lot of coconut water to the body, you can use the hose to easily enter the coconut water into his body. Sometimes dog and cats and cats will vomit when you enter a lot of fluid into his body, however this will actually help release toxins from the body quickly.

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Rescue Remedy For Dogs Cats

6. Drinks Milk that Much
Milk is also one of the beverages that can help neutralize the toxins. Then, you can give a lot of milk to your dog and cat. In addition to can help neutralize toxins in the dog and cat's stomach, milk also contains enough energy to keep the resistance of the body of the dog and cat.

7. The granting of the Egg White with Warm Water
One way to gain time absorption of toxins that you have enough time to bring your dog and cat to the doctor is by giving him the white egg. Egg white can help coat the intestines so toxins are not absorbed quickly and spread to his body.

8. Try To Use The Diuretic Drugs

You can also give a diuretic drug to your dog and cat. Diuretic drugs, this will help so that the toxins in the dog and cat's blood quickly out. Drugs are often used for this are furosemide brand Lasix. However, if there is no diuretic drugs, you can also give him salt water so that your dog and cat will vomiting and help the toxins in his body out.

9. Drinks Norit
Norit is a drug that is commonly drunk man when diarrhea or food poisoning. This drug can also be given to your dog and cat when he was poisoned. You can give 4 to 5 tablets of norit to your dog and cat every 6 hours. Norit is made of activated carbon so that it can help absorb toxins in the body of your dog and cat.

10. Give Sugar Solution
Dog and cats and cats that are experiencing intoxication will usually be difficult to eat because the meras his stomach is not comfortable. If this is the case, then you can give him sugar water as help supply energy to but. Don't let your dog and cat lack of fluids and less calories until his body went limp and the pain was getting worse.

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