Swollen Eyelid Remedy and Preventive

Swollen eyelid remedy, Swollen eyes can be caused by many things, ranging from a buildup of fluids until the infection is severe. This condition generally subsides by itself in a short time and can be handled yourself. However, if your symptoms do not improve or there are complaints of increasingly severe to interfere with the activity, then You need to get treatment.

Swollen eyes are generally due to the presence of edema or the buildup of excess fluid in the eyelids or connective tissues around the eyes.

But also many other things that can trigger this condition, so how to cope with puffy eyes should be tailored to the cause.
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Swollen Eyelid Remedy

Various Causes Of Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyes can be caused by things such as allergies, insect bites, conjunctivitis, cyst or blockage of the oil glands in the eyes, as well as injury or trauma which is often accompanied by a change in color of the skin. In other cases, eye irritation is often accompanied by red eyes, itching, or visual disturbances can also occur when the eyes are swollen.

There are times when puffy eyes are also caused systemic disorders that affect the whole body, such as Graves ' disease or proptosis, is a condition in which the eyes protrude abnormally. Generally a cause for puffy eyes most often are too long crying, eye injury, and allergic.

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Some other people are experiencing puffy eyes due to cyst chalazion, inflammation of the eyelids (blefaritis), cellulitis or bacterial infection below the surface of the skin, bintitan, tumors, foreign objects on the eyes, as well as bacterial or viral infection.

Puffy eyes accompanied by itching is often caused by allergies. These conditions need treatment so that the symptoms resolved. Swelling mainly happens because of the itching that pushes You to rubbed eyes. If too much wiping, then the eyes will be more swollen as well as the risk of infection and festering.

Treatment Puffy Eyes at Home

Below are some of the things that can be done by yourself to address a swollen eye :

  • Eye compress with a soft cloth that is soaked in cold water and clean. You can also put bags of ice on the eyes for 15 minutes, once an hour.

  • For certain cases, such as cysts and bintitan, a warm compress can help to expedite the blockage of the oil glands. The compress can be done 4-5 times a day.

  • Rinse the eye with saline solution, especially if the eyes secrete fluid or after exposure to foreign objects.

  •  Remove the lenses if You are wearing contact lenses.

  • At night, raise the head on the pillow to reduce the risk of fluid buildup.

  • Caffeine can help to relieve the swelling. Place tea bags are already wet and cooled down, on the eyes closed.

  • Puffy eyes due to allergies can be treated with eye drops antihistamines. However severe allergies need to get the handling of a doctor.

  • Avoid pressing the eyes bintitan or solve the ulcers on the eyes.

  • Avoid sports or activities that risk aggravating the swollen eyes.

  •  Use eye protection while traveling out of the house.

  • Clean eyes with baby shampoo gently. How to apply baby shampoo at hand, mix with water until frothy, then wipe the eye with the foam. Massage your eyes a few moments gently, after that rinse with clean water.
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Swollen Eyelid Remedy

While, if the eye swelling has subsided, to prevent the back eye puffiness, You can try to do preventive actions like :

  • Wash the pillow case and replace with clean.
  • Avoid the face and or eyes of the triggers of inflammation such as make up.
  • If puffy eyes are caused by beauty products, replace with another product that is safe.
  • Use eye drops that do not contain preservatives.
  • Avoid rubbed his eyes. This habit can make the eyes more red, itchy, and swollen because of infection. Keep your hand clean by washing your hands regularly.
  • If the eyes are swollen due to allergies, avoid eating or being exposed to allergy triggers.
Keep in mind, symptoms on puffy eyes accompanied by disturbances of vision, fever, difficult or not be able to move the ball of the eye, nausea, vomiting, severe headache, history of injuries or exposure to chemical substances, the use of contact lenses, frequent relapses or appear because of an allergic reaction accompanied by shortness of breath is a conditions that need to be addressed

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