Testicular Pain Home Remedy and Treatment

Testicular pain home remedy, Pain and swelling of the testicles is common in men of all ages. Also known as pain of the scrotum, testicular pain can vary in severity and period of time. One of the most severe pain and torture caused by testicular torsion – the testicles are twisted. This condition requires medical treatment urgently and the surgery is performed in almost all cases.

If not, most incidents of testicular pain is of low intensity. The pain that this stable can disappear by itself.

If testicular pain commonly left untreated then it can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction and even loss of the testicle. However alternative treatment at home can provide assistance in most of the testicular pain non weight.
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Testicular Pain Home Remedy

What causes testicular pain?

There are a number of underlying medical condition that be penuyebab testicular pain. One of the most common cause of testicular pain is kidney stones. After kidney stones removed, pain the testicles will automatically issue data is the cause. Here are some other causes of scrotum pain :
  • Testicle infection (epididymitis)
  • In both groups enlarged
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Abscess
  • Orchitis
  • Infection gangrene
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDS)
  • Tumors of the testes
  • Bleeding testicles
  • Cancer
  • Varicocele
  • Trauma
  • Torsion of the testes (testicles twisted)
  •  Hydrocele causing swelling and pain
  • Fluid in the testicle (Spermatocele)
If the testicular pain You endure for more than a week then You should consult with a urologist, who would physically check and conduct laboratory tests to determine the actual cause of the pain and cope with it.

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Here are 7 natural ways to relieve pain restis :

1. A warm bath
A warm bath is generally very refreshing and calming because it increases the blood circulation. This is one of the easiest ways to relieve testicular pain You :
  • Fill the bathtub with hot water. Make sure the water is warm enough to relieve pain but not hot enough to burn Your skin.
  • Dip into the bath and relax
  • Try the body section of the course is submerged in hot water
  • Your testicles will get of heat treatment required

You can also provide local heat to the scrotum to get the same effect of increased blood circulation and pain relief.

2. Break
Rest will give relief of pain from testicular pain.
  • Lie
  • Quiet
  • Try a nap
  • Don't focus on the pain
  • Remain in position for 15-30 minutes
Do not do heavy activities. This is important because tension in the lower abdomen can increase the pain.
Testicular Pain Home Remedy
3. Wear athletic clothing
It is important to protect yourself by using a support especially when You are engaged in sports activities or athletics. This will prevent and reduce the pain of the testes. Even if You do not play or engage in strenuous activity in anything, wearing clothing in support will help.

4. Compress with ice
Compress with ice on Your scrotum is a great way to reduce the pain and swelling of the testicles. The ice serves to relieve the swelling which in turn stop the pain. Make sure that You do not use ice packs for more than 20 minutes because it makes the area of the testicle numbness when You use it for a long time. This may be uncomfortable. If You do not have swelling in the scrotum then You don't need to use ice to eliminate pain.

5. Lift Your scrotum
Support Your scrotum in the sleep position will reduce the pain of the testes. If friction between the feet and the testicles be avoided then will eliminate the pain.

6. Drinking water
Dehydration causes many health problems. Urinary Tract infection (UTI) is one of the results most commonly from dehydration. This in turn can cause testicular pain :
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • Drink fruit juice
  • Avoid caffeinated sodas and sugary
Anything that is good for ISK is also a good home remedy for testicular pain, especially if Your pain is caused by a bacterial infection.

7. Use a natural diuretic
Use a natural diuretic which can increase the frequency of Your urine to clear the infection quickly. Combined with fluid intake is high, this is the best way to get rid of urinary tract infections and get relief from testicular pain related.

Cranberry juice is also a liquid other strong to handle the bacteria and flush the kidneys. Use whatever is available or easily accessed for cleaning a urinary tract infection.

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Prevention of testicular pain

All kinds of the testicle can not be prevented, but You can take certain steps to minimize the discomfort caused by the pain. Some of the testicles can be cured by itself and others can be easily treated with the help of a doctor. The pain of the testis that is not treated can lead to severe damage on Your body and overall health. Sometimes can also be fatal. So follow the precautions.
  • Check Your testicles regularly every month to look for lumps if any
  • Drink lots of water and empty Your bladder completely each time to avoid urinary tract infections
  • Practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases
  • Wear a support garment in athletic activities or sports that can cause sores on the scrotum
  • Avoid foods high cholesterol
  • Do not wear underwear that is very tight, jeans and trousers
If You do these precautions and seek medical advice then You can prevent yourself from complications.

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