10 Best Weight Loss Apps Of The Year

Want to lose weight and have the ideal body, but too busy for fitness in the gym every day? Just take advantage of Your smartphone. There are a few weight loss apps that will help You achieve those desires to the maximum and effectively. These applications can serve as a personal trainer or advisor to Your diet.

What are you waiting for? Check out the 10 best apps to lose weight, quoted from iDiva.

1. Noom Weight Loss Coach

This application helps You to keep a healthy diet, be physically active and stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Noom Weight Loss Coach creates a daily record such as calculating the value of the achievement that You've achieved in weight loss and help You know, the extent of the effort that has been done so successfully. Its features easy to apply and has a segmentation of food as well as physical exercise. Compatible for android and iOS and can be downloaded for free.

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Weight Loss Apps

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
Quick and easy to use, this app have list of number of calories of food the most. You so know how the number of calories that enter the body if eating cheeseburgers, pizza, cappuccino, french fries, and so on. Can be downloaded for free for android and iOS smartphones.

3. Lose It!
This application has a variety of features that help You get the desired weight. In which the database of food and activity that has been done, healthy food recipes, and check adequacy of nutrients. In addition, Lose It! can also be operated without a network the internet. Available for android smartphones for free.

4. Spark Recipe
Want to lose weight but still eat delicious? Then this app is perfect for You. Spark Recipe has a variety of prescription foods that are low in calories. This app also show the detail information about the calorie content, fat, and nutrients in each recipe. Can free download for android and iOS users.

5. Nike Training Club
Has more than 114 movement gym. Arguably, this app is a personal trainer whenever and wherever. To enhance the exercises, the app also provides detailed information as well as powered audio. You just need to choose the type of exercises that are suitable, then select your preferred music to add to the spirit of the day. Compatible with android and iOS.

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Weight Loss Apps

6. Endomondo Sports Tracker
Ideal for Your hobby is cycling, running and healthy way. This application helps to calculate the duration, speed, distance and calories. Enter the type of exercise You do, and You will receive the information during the day. In addition, You can also check the heartbeat and see the 'history' of Your workout. Can be used for android and iOS.

7. Fooducate
Help You choose a food menu that is healthy. Fooducate allows You to scan food products when shopping and tell the detailed information about the nutrients that owned the product. Can free download for android and iOS users.

8. Daily Butt Workout
Want to have beautiful buttocks and sexy? You can get it with the help of this app. Daily Butt Workout provides different types of exercises lower body a duration of 5-10 minutes, all of which have been certified and demonstrated by a certified personal trainer. Available is also a video guide so that movement of the fitness done the right way. Android and iOS users can download it for free.

9. Ab Work
Want to have a flat stomach and sexy, this app is what You need. Provides 10 kinds of the best exercises to form the stomach, all of which are administered by a certified trainer. Each is an exercise that only needs to be done 5 minutes a day. Compatible for android and iOS for free.

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10. Run keeper
A Personal trainer is no in Your pocket! This app keeps track of, improve and ensure the success of fitness. You will get a 'report' statistics on the speed of your steps, distance traveled, time and calories burned every time you exercise. Can free download for android and iOS users.

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