5 Erectile Dysfunction Home Hemedy

Erectile dysfunction home remedy, One of the ways that can be used to overcome erectile dysfunction is a Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT). As the development of the world medical, more and more diseases and medical conditions are resolved. And one of them is erectile dysfunction (ed).

Erectile dysfunction is a condition of the penis loss of firmness should during erection, no erection at all, or erection time that can not be durable. Often, this condition occurs in elderly men.
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Erectile Dysfunction Home Hemedy

With shock wave therapy, patient's erectile dysfunction does not need to have to take medicine constantly. Taking drugs in the long term have side effects. The first, sought the cause or trigger of DE. Whether such disorders are related to psychosocial, medical disorders or a combination of both.

Psychosocial influences, for example how the husband and wife relationship, workplace environment, family environment and problems of social life. If the cause is due to psychosocial then it would be assisted by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

But if there are no problems with the psychosocial, then the aspect of health that becomes the focus, the start of drug administration until the last use of the tool LSWT. DE is caused by disruption of blood circulation in the large blood vessels in the left and right of the shaft of the penis.

In addition, there are some diseases that also be a trigger such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Usually patients with the disease experience damage to the blood vessels, so it can not be filled with blood to the maximum.

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To handle that problem, will prioritize the healing of the disease first. If it has been handled, then given the treatment of DE with medicamentosa. But if it had been given the drugs, it did not change then the last action is using the LSWT. 

How to work LSWT namely by providing 300 shots with the shock wave at four places each on the left and right of the shaft of the penis and on the left right under the testicles. Not hurt just celekit-celekit bit. Therapy takes one hour

With a shot of the shock wave is expected to layer the walls of damaged blood vessels could peel off, then stimulated to form new cells so that the quality of the blood vessels can return to normal.

The quality of the blood vessels in the penis itself, not just to harden or tighten the penis of course, but at the same time to keep the duration of intimate relations can return to normal. If the quality of normal blood vessels, then the blood and the valves can keep the duration of an erection long enough.

Erectile Dysfunction Home Hemedy

Therapy LSWT was done four times with a pause of one week, “If two times there has been no feel the benefits, but so the third and fourth usually patients already feel there is a change,” said Vishnu, if it is improved then it is not necessary drugs unless there are certain things.

But explains to patients of advanced age do not expect after the therapy LSWT his sexual capabilities could come back like when it was still the age of 20 years, Certainly can't, we have to explain frankly. A person's age will affect the organs that other, which is important to keep sexual activities actively and to make quality of life better by not relying consumption of the drug continuously, it is expected  that the success rate of LSWT it reaches 70-80 percent.

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Herbal plants for erectile dysfunction :

1. Ginkgo
Ginkgo biloba is one herbal plant that has been used since long to treat some diseases. Examples include dementia, anxiety disorders, and disruption of blood flow to the brain. The herb ginkgo biloba leaf extract can help increase blood flow to the penis so that treat erectile dysfunction.

However, consult first with Your doctor before using ginkgo supplements. Ginkgo risk increase the risk of bleeding, especially if You are taking blood thinning medication. Risk other side effects include nausea, headache, abdominal pain, and irritation of the mouth.

2. Red ginseng
Red Ginseng is useful to enhance stamina, encourage libido, and improve male sexual function. In the body, red ginseng improve the working of the dopamine system in the brain that are believed to trigger the sex drive. In addition, red ginseng, also work to facilitate blood flow to get erection which is the maximum.

This plant is considered as a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction, but should only be used briefly (6 to 8 weeks). Ginseng can interact negatively with alcohol, caffeine, and certain drugs.The most common side effect is insomnia. Consult more doctor if You plan to use it.

3. L-arginine
L-arginine is a kind of amino acid is able to increase sexual performance. Even L-arginine is touted as a replacement for viagra thanks to the way it works that helps make nitric oxide. The existence of nitric oxide in the blood relaxes blood vessels to help erection and is important for sexual function healthy.

Side effects that may occur are nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Avoid drinking supplements L-arginine with Viagra, nitrates, or high blood pressure medication.

4. Yohimbine
Yohimbine comes from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. During the last 70 years, yohimbine has been used as a treatment of erectile dysfunction because it is able to activate the nerves of the penis to be more sensitive to stimuli and at once dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow towards the penis. These two things can make the erection so the more easy and durable.

Supplement the combination of yohimbine and L-arginine is proven to solve the erectile dysfunction. To note, the effect of enhancing the adrenaline rush of yohimbine can cause side effects headache, sweating profusely, hypertension, insomnia. Consult with a doctor before taking yohimbine, especially if You also are using a drug antidepressant or a stimulant.

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5. Juice of watermelon
Watermelon is Citrulline, an amino acid found in watermelon, was able to increase the blood flow to the penis. A study in 2011 showed, men with premature ejaculation mild to moderate level, taking the supplement L-citrulline, showed improvement erectile function. Burns memgingatkan, "Not all natural therapies safe to do so. Some types of herbs have side effects like chemical drugs." Therefore, consult with Your doctor first to see if natural therapies of Your choice is safe to do so.

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