5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms, In diagnosing metastatic breast cancer, the doctor will pay attention to the size of the lump, presence of lymph node involvement, and the presence of the spread on other organs. The third benchmark will determine the stage of the cancer, which is divided into Stages I - IV. Stage I considered early stage and stages up to stage IV as advanced stage.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Metastatic breast cancer can happen to some places, such as on the metastasis of the regional. Metastasis regional is the spread of cancer cells to regional lymph nodes near the breast. For example, as in the lymph nodes of the armpits or collarbone on the neck.

Metastasis is the spread of cancer cells from the organ of origin, in this case the breast, to other places. Metastases can occur through several ways, like through blood flow, lymph flow, or directly. The role of metastasis is very important in diagnosing cancer and treatment of breast cancer.

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The symptoms of metastatic Breast Cancer can be feels lump in the armpit or the area of the collarbone. If the lump is enlarged so that impede the flow of lymph, it can cause swelling in the hands.

Metastases can also occur in distant organs. The spread of the most common is to the bone, lung, brain, and liver. Bone Metastasis is usually cause pain in the bones.

The spread of cancer cells in the lungs cause prolonged coughing, tightness, and chest pain. The symptoms of metastases in the brain are pain of the head, visual disturbances, and seizures. If the skin becomes yellow, embossed nausea, or loss of appetite could be a sign of metastases to the liver.

If it has already happened metastases in distant organs, breast cancer would be considered stage IV, regardless of the size of the lump in the breast. Stage of breast cancer this will determine the action to be performed.

Therefore, the handling of breast cancer can be very different depending on each case.
Please know that breast cancer is not limited to the breast, but can spread to many places. This spread will determine the diagnosis and stage of breast cancer, as well as how the treatment of breast cancer.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

Common breast cancer symptoms
Women need to be more vigilant and recognize the diseases that are prone to attack them, one of them is breast cancer. One step in prevention is to recognize the physical symptoms.

You probably know the signs of breast cancer the most common is a lump that appears in the breast or in the armpit. Even so, the lump was not necessarily determine that it is malignant or not.

As reported by MSN, Andrew Putnam, Program director of Palliative Care at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University, said that sometimes a lump of cancer embedded deep in the breast tissue, and so dense, to not feel.

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Very important observe a few other symptoms are commonly encountered in patients with breast cancer. These five symptoms of cancer of the other breast can be seen women physically on his body.

1. Itching, pain and reddening
The symptoms of breast cancer is when there is a feeling of heat when touched, and the breast is inflamed. Compared breast tumor cases in general, these symptoms more indicative of an inflammation caused by cancer.

The breast swell, pain, skin redness and scaly. when considered more, the color will turn into purple like a bruise.

In the next stage, he will become dimpled or changed its character as the skin of an orange. The pain is similar to pain during PMS, however the itch will show an allergic reaction and is not lost in just a few days. Cancer cells in the breast will quickly block the blood vessels that feed the skin, this is why it feels hot, and inflamed.

 2. Swelling or lump in the armpit
The armpit so the area often indicate breast cancer. Cancer of the lymph nodes is usually indicated by pain in the neck area and throat. Lymphatic fluid, flowing from the breast so that no lumps are formed in the area of the armpit.

 In fact, when felt with the fingers, you will feel like there is a lump that is hard and attached.

5 Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know !

This can happen because the lymph nodes in the armpit very near the area with the breast, thus giving the possibility of showing the symptoms of breast cancer.

3. Upper back pain
Usually spine specialist will first look for signs of tumor when a woman had complaints of back pain by matching the presence or absence of other symptoms. Signs symptoms of breast cancer usually starts from pain in the upper part of the spine between the shoulder blades, pain muscle tendon and osteoarthritis of the spine.

This happens because the breast tumor develops in the glandular tissue of the breast, then spread to the entire chest area. The growth of the tumor is pushed backward toward the ribs and spine. The resulting pain can be felt in the back than in the breast. Worse yet, breast cancer can metastasize and become secondary bone cancer.

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4. Changes in the nipple
Changes in the nipple of the breast also be a sign of breast cancer. Usually, the nipples sensitive to the touch, but when experiencing breast cancer, the sensitivity level is decreased drastically. The skin of the nipple of the breast also become crusty, scaly and inflamed.

This is because a portion of the tumor that grows attached to the skin that pull the nipple and cause irritation and infection.

5. Change the shape of the breast
Not all tumors of the breast characterized by lumps in the breast. There are times when the shape of the breast will undergo a drastic change. Breast cancer, the shape can be more oval, or drops down and sticking to one side.

Note the shape of the breast carefully, whether the shape changed a bit strange? Need further examination if it does not go missing. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

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