6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Bladder cancer symptoms, Bladder cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the bladder. The bladder itself is an organ that serves to accommodate the urine before it is channeled out of the body during urination. Symptoms of bladder cancer is often difficult to be identified so that a lot of people don't know.

This sign can occur in men and women. Although most common in the bladder, this type of cancer can grow deep into the muscle layer of the bladder and can spread to other parts of the body. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Bladder cancer is a disease that often occurs in people over the age of 50 years. Men are more susceptible to bladder cancer than women. You can prevent bladder cancer by reducing risk factors. Please consult with Your doctor for more information.

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Here are the symptoms of bladder cancer below You should not ignor :

1. There Is Blood In The Urine
One of the signs of bladder cancer the most common is the urine bloody. However, many people consider this to include the normal problems such as urinary tract infections.

Therefore, the best way is to go to the gynecological examination immediately to find out more about the condition of Your health.

2. Pain During Bowel Movements
When You urinate and you feel a burning in the genitals, there is a possibility of the urinary bladder You experience the problem.This sign can occur in both men and women.

3. Often Waste Water
Frequent urination but when urinating very little, or only a few drops, this is a sign of a bladder infection and bladder cancer.

4. Leg Swelling Is Not Normal
When Your feet suddenly swell abnormally, accompanied by back pain is sudden, it may be a sign of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer can make Your kidneys has encountered a problem and trigger a buildup of water in Your body. That's why Your feet are swollen.

5. Urine Change Color
Lack of fluids can trigger the urine change color to dark, but if you drink water in the normal amount but the urine remained dark and murky you have to be alert, There could be a problem conceived Your bladder.

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6 Bladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs Most People Ignore

Risk factors

Certain factors that increase Your risk of developing bladder cancer is :
  • Smoking
  • More than 40 years old
  • Often exposed to chemicals such as arsenic, chemicals in home dyes, rubber, textile, leather, paint
  • Never use drugs for the treatment of cancer the previous
  • Experience a bladder infection of chronic
  • Having a family history of having bladder cancer 
Medicine and Treatment

The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult Your doctor. Patients with bladder cancer require surgery to remove the tumor. The Tumor can be removed with a colonoscopy (using a tube light that is inserted into the bladder).

The operation depends on the type and extent of spread of cancer cells. If the tumor is too large, may need to do the cutting of the bladder. After this operation is carried out, Your urine will be placed in a special place that is implanted in the body.

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The recovery of the patient can be done by giving analgesics, radiation therapy, and drugs anti-cancer (chemotherapy).

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