7 Natural Remedies For Migraines

Natural remedies for migraines, Migraines often make a lot of activity disrupted. Pain in one part of the head makes a lot of people complain of migraines. Before taking the medication, it helps You to cope with migraines in a natural way and easily.
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7 Natural Remedies For Migraines

Here are 7 natural ways that You can use to relieve migraine :

1. Drinking Coffee
Enjoy a meal or drink that contains caffeine can reduce pain due to migraines. Because that's what caffeine is often included as an ingredient of medicines. But You have to be careful because You can just have a dependency with the continue to drink coffee each time a migraine relapse so that it passes through a dose of drinking coffee daily.

2. Massage Your Temples You
This is a natural way that has been used since a long time. This massage is a natural way to relieve pain in around the head and make the body feel comfortable.

3. Massage or Kiss Fragrance Oil Rub
Use the oil massagers or rub oil on the temples, and then rub it. You can also apply around the neck that feels stiff. The scent of oil and the taste of warm can make the body feel comfortable and reduce the pain.

4. Let the Head Cool and the Body Warm
With conditions like this, the blood will flow more quickly on the part of the head. You can do this condition with a soak of warm water or lie down with closed body with a warm blanket.

5. Being in a Dark Room
Rest in a dark room can reduce the pain that You are experiencing. Light that is too bright or glare will make the headache become. Therefore You try to be in the shade or dark.

6. Food Salty Foods
If You start to feel a migraine attack, take food with salty taste, for example salty chips. Enjoy salty foods can stop migraine attacks in order not getting worse.

7. Compress The Head With The Ice
Compress the head with ice wrapped in plastic bags or cold water can relieve a migraine. Lie down with comfortable position and rub ice packs on the affected part.

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