Breast Cancer Remedy Without Surgery

Breast Cancer Remedy Without Surgery, Never heard of the treatment of soursop leaves for cancer without operation ? Maybe You are not familiar with it. Consumption of soursop leaves which boiled in water is believed to result in the stabilization in breast cancer, you know. So, do not be surprised if the leaves of the soursop believed to cure cancer.

In addition to having a white flesh and taste slightly sour, soursop fruit also contains some essential nutrients for Your body, such as calcium, iron, zinc, salt, vitamin C, and many more. Not only that, soursop leaves are also quite renowned and trusted as an alternative treatment of some types of cancer. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Breast Cancer Remedy Without Operation

How To Cultivate Soursop Leaves For breast cancer

For the processing of soursop leaves by boiling, the Mother can prepare 10-15 pieces soursop leaves. Wash first with running water. Heat the water as much as 600 cc (3 cups) over low heat, then enter the soursop leaves, then wait for it to evaporate and the remaining water decoction of as much as 1 cup.
you should boil by using a pot made of clay so that the purity of substances that exist on soursop leaves is maintained. After remaining up to 1 cup, strain the cooking water until no crumbs soursop leaves in water. Drink while it's warm regularly 3-4 times a day, morning, noon, evening and night. Method boil the leaves of the soursop is suitable for the treatment of cancer, uric acid, cholesterol and diabetes.

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The usefulness of Soursop Leaves for Cancer

Natural products mainly derived from plants have been used and trusted can help human to maintain health since ancient times, is no exception soursop fruit. Soursop fruit has many other names, that Graviola, Guanabana, Annona muricata, and others. This plant lives in most tropical and subtropical areas in the world.

In addition to many used as material in the manufacture of syrup and other types of drinks, the soursop is also widely used as ingredients of traditional medicine in different countries. One of the trust that is now emerging is the use of soursop leaves for the treatment of cancer.

The emergence of trust against the use of soursop leaves for cancer believed to be related to the content of the compound Acetogenins annonaceous contained in the leaves, seeds, even fruit soursop. Based on various studies in the laboratory, this compound is believed can prevent the growth of various types of cancer cells.

However there is still no research that proves the efficacy of this cancer in the human body. More research in humans is still necessary to prove that the content of Acetogenins annonaceous on soursop fruit is a safe and effective option for the treatment of cancer.

After knowing the usefulness and the facts about soursop leaves for cancer, You still need a referral from a doctor before starting cancer treatment for You and your family. You are also advised to choose a variety of cancer treatment that has been proven such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

If You are in doubt, then do not hesitate to consult immediately to Your doctor. Keep in mind, the use of herbal medicine can not replace a medical procedure that can only be done by a doctor.

Although not yet proven for the treatment of cancer, soursop fruit can still be Your choice to meet Your daily vitamin C need. The content of vitamin C in the soursop fruit is of average size it can meet the needs of vitamin C You.

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The Impact Of Consuming Soursop Leaves In Excess

Although we have seen a myriad of benefits that are offered from consuming the Leaves of the Soursop, but you need to know that consuming Soursop Leaves in an excessive amount of will bring a wide variety of side effects that can actually harm our health. So, consume the Leaves of the Soursop in the amount of reasonable is highly recommended by nutrition experts.

Breast Cancer Remedy Without Operation

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves Other :
  • Antibacterial : Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Antivirus: To inhibit the development of virus
  • Anticancer: To Inhibit the development of cancer
  • Antitumor: To Inhibit the growth of tumors
  • Antiparasitic: To Inhibit the development of parasites
  • Antimalarial: Preventing malaria
  • Antileishmania: Antileishmania
  • Antispasmodic: a Substance that can relax the smooth muscle
  • Antikonfulsan: anticonvulsant
  • Astrigen: a Substance that is wrinkle / shrink mucous membranes
  • Antimutagenic: Substances that inhibit the gene mutation
  • Analgesic: a Substance that can reduce pain / pain
  • Anti-inflammatory: Substances that suppress inflammation
  • Febrifuge: Substance that can reduce the fever heat body
  • Hypotensive: a Substance that lowers blood pressure
  • Hypoglycemic: a Substance that lowers blood sugar levels
  • Nervin: To strengthen the nerves / nerve tonic
  • Kardiodepresan: Suppress the activity of the heart
  • Galactogogue: a Substance that can increase the production of breast MILK
  • Sedatives: Substances that are soothing
  • Stomakik: a Substance that strengthens the stomach and improves appetite
  • Vasodilator: Substance that dilates blood vessels
  • Vermifuge: a Substance that can kill intestinal worms
  • Diuretics: The emetic of aurine
  • Tranquilizers: Substances that are soothing 
Scientific Evidence Related The Benefits Of Soursop Fruit

Soursop fruit suspected of having effects against certain diseases, including:

1. anticancer properties.

In laboratory research, an extract of soursop rich in antioxidants can kill some types of liver cancer cells and breast cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy drugs certain. The extract of soursop is also observed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells of the pancreas and prostate.

However, to date, there have been no studies that test the truth of this claim on direct human. Therefore, still need to do more research to make sure the benefits of the soursop as anticancer in human.

If You want to take supplements of soursop as a part of cancer treatment, you should consult to the doctor first. In addition, make sure the products You consume are registered in BPOM (national Agency of Drug and Food).

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2. Treat The Infection

Based on the laboratory test, the benefits of soursop are also seen can combat the infection bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Traditionally in some regions, the soursop is also believed to treat malaria and parasitic infections. But the same as the effect of antikankernya, this benefit is limited to clinical trials in the laboratory and has not been proven to cure the disease due to infection in humans.

3. As Antidiabetic

Research on experimental animals indicate that soursop has the antidiabetic effects and can help maintain blood sugar levels. But the clinical effects of the benefits of soursop in humans has not been established. So far, the benefits of soursop to treat diabetes in humans still needs to be further investigated.

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