12 Steps Burning Eyes Home Remedy and Treatment

Burning eyes home remedy, During the day nan the heat and the sting will certainly make us not want to come out from outside the room. Hot temperatures can make our skin burnt from exposure to ultraviolet so it could be more black or even suffered damage.

Fortunately we can wear a jacket or an umbrella that can protect our skin from the heat of the midday sun, however, do we have enough to protect our eyes from burning eyes ? Eye turns can also burning exposure to ultraviolet rays are very hot and stinging! ( Read more : dry eye medications and allergy medications )

burning eyes home remedy

If we look to the streets or outdoors in the daytime kala temperature is hot-the heat, our eyes will certainly feel the glare and can't bear to watch isn't it? In fact, there are many people who should be struggling with the scorching and bright outside of the room in that time and unwittingly make burning eyes !

Early symptoms of eyes burning ultraviolet rays is with eyes that were reddened, watery, burning, itching, to experience irritation. If left unchecked and eyes fixed forced looked at the glare and heat of the current conditions, the eye can experience blurred vision or even loss of vision temporary.

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If the eyes in let burning rays of the sun every day in a long time, then the eyes were at risk of experiencing disorders of the eye later in the day. Some eye diseases like cataracts or benign tumors can visited frequent eye burning rays of the sun.

To avoid this problem, try to often wear sunglasses that have UV coating so that the eyes will be much more protected. By wearing protective glasses, eye sight was much more cool and protected from the sting of ultraviolet rays up to 75-90 percent.

If necessary, wear a protective cap that can provide better protection. We can only wear contact lenses, however, the protection provided contact lenses clearly much lower compared with the protective glasses. Use these glasses during the nan scorching when we need to go outside the room so that eye health will be maintained.

The sensation of burning taste on the part of the eye and causes the eye to become more productive tears is a sign of another conditions such as :
  • Irritation of the eyes.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Keratitis.
  • Grams.
  • Infection
We strongly recommend that You immediately went to the doctor to get a checkup and medical tests and get the treatment accordingly. Avoid terleboh first using contact lenses, clean eyes and give eye drops available in the market to reduce the sensation of heat.

burning eyes home remedy

Natural home remedy for burning eyes

1. find fabric that is somewhat thick (not too thick) should be a small towel or similar. moisten with cold water or even better use the water from the refrigerator. the fan for a minute let me chill evenly.

2. compress the area of the eyes are red and stinging with a towel that has been in the wet the last. when the chill is already reduced, be reversed or in the wet and in the wind the wind right back.

3. take seven or eight pieces of betel leaf green began concentrated(not too old or too young.

4. boiled betel leaves last with one and a half cups of water. enter the betel after boiling water. try not to enter the betel leaf when the water belm boiling.

5. boil the betel leaf is approximately 2 to 5 minutes.

6. lift the container boiling, and put in a safe place.

7. while waiting for the water decoction of the cold, evaporate the steam water decoction and betel gets the eyes, face and neck pain. the distance can be adjusted so that the hot steam is not too hot when for a part of the face. try as much as possible to open the eyes. let the vapor get into the eyes.

8. after the water decoction of seemed cold and somewhat lukewarm, add water into the plate, or a container that is somewhat flat, soak the eyes and face are burning into the boiling water last. try to open the eyes in the marinade.

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9. motion slowly move the eyes in a marinade of water decoction. so that the water can touch the part of the eye that pain.

10. how this can be done repeatedly in every 10 minutes.

11. if too much trouble, can also be put in the eye.

12. steam decoction can also be inhaled and inhaled through the mouth to facilitate the upper respiratory tract and dispose of phlegm and snot.

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