Cancer Life Expectancy and Is Cancer Curable

Cancer life expectancy and is cancer curable, Not easy for a doctor to determine how long a cancer patient stage 4 pancreatic cancer life expectancy. Approximate regarding it is always based on the average yield, while the peculiarities of the individual in each patient make such forecasts never certain. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Generally experts use a number of survival 5 years to estimate how long a cancer patient will survive. This figure shows a comparison of the number of patients that survive in the 5 years since diagnosed.

In fact, as revealed by Dr Mark Porter, quoted from timesonline, Friday (2/4/2010), there are many variables that affect the patient's ability to survive. Among these are the patient's age, state of health in general, type of cancer, degree of malignancy and how widely the cancer has spread.

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cancer life expectancy and is cancer curable

As an example, Dr. Porter called colon cancer. More than half of the patients with this type of cancer survive 5 years later, most eventually can be cured. However means that the rate of survival 5 year is 50 percent, because for some patients the chances are greater than it and for some others may be smaller.

If colon cancer is detected in early stages, surgical removal can save 9 of 10 patients. Another case if the cancer cells have spread to the tip of the spleen, the numbers of survival 5 years will drop to below 50 percent.

In certain conditions do not even need to see the numbers the resilience of his life. In the 1980s, the colon cancer that has spread to other organs especially the liver is considered to be very fatal. Estimates of patients can survive when it was only in a matter of months.

But now advancement in cancer treatment also have changed the forecast. Some recent studies show survival to 5 years in cases of cancer severe this time increased up to 40 percent.

Some of the prediction errors related to the opportunities of cancer patients to survive also exemplified by Dr. Porter. A patient who he thought died the next day, it turns out can still attend the wedding of his relatives a few weeks later.

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cancer life expectancy and is cancer curable

Another example he pointed out is the case that experienced suspects the tragedy of Lockerbie, Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi. On 10 August 2009 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and is estimated to only last less than 3 months. But what happened, Megrahi is still alive until today.

Dr Porter confirmed despite predictions of the sort needed to plan the day ahead, in the end both doctors and patients should remember that they can only suspect. Very common if the fact that occurs unexpectedly.

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