Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy, Hear the words stage 4 cancer then we will directly think about death. On the other hand the number of patients of certain cancers is also increased as our society. Cancer will make someone sell their property for treatment of the cancer. Cancer is not always associated with death, because in fact many patients who have cancer diagnosed turns out to still be alive for many years, even can be as healthy as people without the disease of cancer.

In the medical world is indeed the disease of cancer could not be said to be cured. The term used is remission or relapse. The term remission, the cancer patient is already in therapy and has been evaluated that the patient does not contain cancer cells again in her body or we call remission.

At the time of the remission the patient should keep control regularly and keep his body healthy. The term remission is different with heal total. Different infectious diseases e.g. infection fever thypoid we can say cured. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

Psychologically the term remission as the reminder to the patient that he must control regularly and stick with a healthy lifestyle. One of the healthy way of life is getting enough rest and keep eating, try to expand mengosumsi vegetables and fruits to stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants needed to neutralize the toxins in our body. Adequate rest and life is not ngoyo. In addition, stress both physical stress or psychological, can worsen the cancer journey a person.

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What if the already convicted with stage 4 cancer. Stage 4 cancer indicates that the cancer journey already. and already found the spread of cancer to other organs. As for the organs which are often affected by cancer spread are the lungs, liver or brain. Often also travel to the cancer infiltrating surrounding organs. Eg cervical cancer can infiltrate keorgan the surrounding areas such as the colon or the urinary bladder.

Stage 4 cancer is also associated with the survival rate is low. A matter of the survival rate associated with the survival of a person with the disease of cancer. Usually the therapy is given in patients who are already stage 4 is palliative supportive. Pain the cancer is reduced, his appetite is repaired the symptoms of nausea and vomiting is reduced.

The patient can perform his daily activities independently. The principles of palliative therapy only reduces the impact of the cancer journey. Although the development of technology and finding new medicines for cancer will improve quality of life and survival rate of cancer patients.

For colon cancer stage 4 survival rate for 5 years only 11% means that approximately only 1 out of 10 patients with stage 4 cancer those who survive in the next 5 years. On the contrary on the colon cancer stage 1 survival rate 5 year can reach 90%. That means 9 of 10 patients colon cancer stage 1 can last up to 5 years. Could even take more than 5 years.

Indeed there is a cancer which although found in the early stages but the prognosis is not good for example in patients with pancreatic cancer found in stage 1 A number of survival 5 year, only 14% are pancreatic cancer are already stage 4, the survival rate 5 year is only 1 %. So the survival of a person with cancer also depends on the type of cancer.

In practice, the doctor can not refer to how long someone could survive because of pain the cancer but that is considered is the chance of such patients still survive in the next 5 years. For cancer patients and the families know the numbers the survival rate is important.

But knowing the numbers the survival rate can also make cancer patients off guard. For example someone who is known only suffering from the cancer stage 1 that's been treated to be off guard because it felt the hope of a better life and leave a healthy life style.

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Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

For example back smoking or not pay attention to the food that is consumed or work without the matter of time to eat and rest. Work and family issues that make such patients are always in the condition of prolonged stress.

Then this condition will make the disease of cancer into a relapse or relapse and ultimately worsen the patient's quality of life teesebur next. Therefore it remains to note that the survival rate or the numbers to survive it also depends of many factors.

Finally the survival rate is the numbers that are out of statistical calculations, this figure shows the probability that in the end the cancer patient should keep control a regular basis and keep healthy life style so long-lived with better quality of life.

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