Here's 5 Early Signs Of Colon Cancer

Early signs of colon cancer, Colon cancer is one disease that often occurs at the age of 50 years and above. This type of cancer ranks third as a disease that is most widely encountered, both in men and women. Colon cancer occurs when the cells of the large intestine develops an uncontrollable, and pose a lump that enlarges progressively.

This disease gives symptoms in the form of bloody bowel movements, abdominal pain or bloating, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the weight is reduced without cause and body limp. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )
Early Signs Of Colon Cancer

Some of the factors that play a role in increasing the risk of incidence of cancer of the large intestine is :
  • Genetic aka descent
  • Consumption of animal foods is excessive
  • Less consumption of fiber
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Symptoms of colon cancer

Quoted from Prevention, the American Cancer Society states that specific Signs and symptoms of colon cancer can be known since the patient is still in his 20s. Symptoms include:

1. Anemia

Cancer of the colon deplete the supply of red blood cells of patients. According to experts of gastrointestinal disease from the Mayo Clinic, John Kisiel, the tumor grows quickly and even exceed the blood supply You. Often, too, creating boils that secrete blood periodically.

This is why You will often see the blood on the seat. Anemia will also cause weakness and fatigue.

2. Rectal bleeding

Bleeding that occurs causes the stool darker in color. This is because the blood that has been processed by the digestive tract, so it also affects the color of feces, which excluded patients with colon cancer. Rectal bleeding seen on stools or dripping directly.

Nevertheless, if You experience rectal bleeding, it does not mean You have cancer of the colon. Therefore, diseases such as hemorrhoids or anal fissure also cause the condition. The best way to be sure is to see your doctor.

Early Signs Of Colon Cancer

3. Weight loss unwittingly

According to Kisiel, the tumor can cause You to lose the appetite to change the metabolism of the body. This state then make Your body lacks a number of nutrients, so that weight loss often goes unnoticed.

4. Difficult defecate

Kisiel expressed that the tumor that is formed can clog the gastrointestinal tract, so patients will be difficulty to defecate. Due to these circumstances, the stool should come out with difficulty, with a shape that is flattened. You may also experience diarrhea. Talk with your doctor if it occurs more than a month.

5. Abdominal pain

If You often feel abdominal pain while trying to defecate, coupled with the increasing intensity of the fart, could be a sign of colon cancer. If You find one or more colon cancer symptoms as mentioned, immediately visit a doctor. If the cancer is still early stage and has not spread, surgery can be done. By doing so, cancer cells are found can be removed perfectly.

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if the cancer has already spread, the patient should get treatment in the form of chemotherapy, and also surgical removal of the intestine.

Knowing that colon cancer is a dangerous disease that can take away lives, You are recommended to take precautions now as well. The trick, apply a healthy diet and high in fiber, exercising regularly, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

If you have the symptoms referring to the disease of cancer of the colon, please don't hesitate to immediately go to the doctor. The earlier detected and treated, the greater the possibility to recover.

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