Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Gallbladder cancer symptoms and signs, Cancer of the gallbladder is a malignant tumor that grows in the tissues of the gall bladder, cancer of the gallbladder which is the starting point of cancer is rarely found, comparisons of the growth of gallbladder cancer in men and women is 1 : 2, especially of women aged 60 to over more easily affected by this disease, the prognosis is not good, the possibility of a period of 5 years survival is only 3%.

 The possible growth of gallbladder cancer is low compared to lung cancer and gastric cancer, but the last few years this case the growth of gallbladder cancer showed an increase. Because the symptoms of the early stages is not clear, gallbladder cancer is not easily diagnosed, while the results of therapy to the intermediate stage and the stage is finally somewhat worse, over 80% of gallbladder cancer patients died in a period of under one year. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

gallbladder cancer symptoms Signs

If it can be diagnosed at an early stage, perform surgery or therapy right time, the 5 years survival rate gallbladder cancer patients can reach more than 90%. Then the examination of the gall bladder cancer is very important to get early detection of the disease, early treatment.

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The cause of gallbladder cancer

Cause that could really invite cancer of the gallbladder is still not clear, but the cause of the below is probably the cause of the emergence of cancer of the gall bladder that are harmful.
  1. female Patients aged 50 and above, inflammation of the gallbladder chronic or grows repetitive.

  2. gallstones. The possibility of patients who have gallstones to cancer of the gall bladder is 38 times that of people who do not have gallstones.

  3. Hardening the gallbladder. Calcification of the gallbladder wall were encountered in women aged 65 years and over, is the last stage of inflammation of the gallbladder that are acute, the percentage of hardening of the gallbladder that turn into tumors reached 22%.

  4. gallbladder Polyps greater than or equal to 10 mm, the percentage is transformed into a cancer reaches 23%.

  5. Like to eat processed food, fried food, spicy food and the like can increase the risk of getting in your way of cancer of the gall bladder. Smoking, drinking alcohol, diet high in fat are high in calories can serve as a supporting factor to the growth of gallbladder cancer.

  6. Women who are menstruating his first start, menopause early age, and that the number of pregnant giving birth a lot can add to the possibility of the emergence of cancer of the gall bladder, may be associated with change of hormone in a pregnant woman. The young obese, weight 20% - 30% more than people aged peers can also add to the risk of developing gallbladder cancer.

Symptoms of gallbladder cancer
  1. gastrointestinal Symptoms : most patients will experience poor digestion, do not like oily food, belching, etc.

  2. Right upper abdominal pain : right upper abdomen feels uncomfortable, accompanied by pain which is continuous, sometimes the pain feels harder, and the pain leads to the right shoulder.

  3. Lump in right upper abdomen.

  4. jaundice and skin itch : often occur in diseases of the further stage, the skin is found a yellowish, mostly accompanied by the skin itch that is hard to heal and is more severe when night.

  5. Fever and skinny : about 25% of patients will experience fever, advanced stage patients are usually also underweight, even show the conditions of the poor.
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When the above symptoms are experienced, it should go to the hospital to check the right time, as early as possible eliminates the possibility of getting in your way of cancer of the gallbladder, are those prone to develop this disease should check periodically, the earlier the disease is found, early therapy can prolong the life of the life of the patient effectively.

gallbladder cancer symptoms Signs

Diagnosis of gallbladder cancer
  1. ULTRASOUND : check the size of the lesions in the gall bladder; ascertain the presence or absence of cancer; check whether there is spread to lymph nodes and liver.

  2. CT Scan : for those who already check the ULTRASOUND and strongly suspected to be stricken with cancer of the gall bladder, need to check the CT Scan with contrast. With so can show if the tumor invaded into the liver and spread to the lymph nodes.

  3. MRI : ascertain whether lesions to the liver, or when the patient is exposed to the jaundice of the obstructive should be considered MRI.

  4. PET-CT : ensure the layout of the lesions of the gallbladder and also help to determine whether there are lesions in the part again.

  5. laboratory Examination : checking the premises clear whether there is an increase the results of the tumor marker can be helpful for making the diagnosis of gallbladder cancer.

The stage of the cancer of the gallbladder

Stage 1 : the organs of the cancer is only limited to the mucous layer, and also is a source of cancer. Surgery can give very good results.

Stage 2 : organ the cancer invades into the muscle layer. The patient after the running operation, the possibility of living 5 years can reach 20% - 30%.

Stage 3 : organ the cancer invades into the wall of the gallbladder. The patient after running the operation is also the possibility of living 5 years can reach 20% - 30%.

Stage 4 : the organ the cancer invades into the wall of the gall bladder and lymph nodes. Most of the patients this stage could run the operation the outer part, but overall the result is less good, a small proportion of patients can survive up to 5 years and above.

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Stage 5 : the organs of the cancer invaded to the liver directly or even also spread to other organs. Cancer of the gall bladder has been enlarged to the entire body, the life time of the patients rarely nothing could exceed 1 year.

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