Here's 4 Ways How To Make Your Dick Grow Without Pills

How to make your dick grow without pills, Penis enlargement rarely used by men who want to enlarge their penis size. The problem is, does penis enlargement really needed the guy? More than that, whether penis enlargement can improve the performance of the man in intercourse?

Before thinking about enlarging the penis size, know first what is the size of the penis is normal. On the state of the no erection, there are many variations of the size of the penis. But during erection, the normal length of around 12-15 cm. The size of the penis is not normal aka micropenis is when an erection, the penis size is only 7.5 cm or even less than that. ( Read more : medical weight loss pills )

how to make your dick grow without pills

Although having a penis is normal sized, still many men who want to enlarge their penis. Can so it is because those men have a psychological disorder called disorder dysmorphic penis. This disorder will make a man feel to have the penis size is below normal.

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Here are some ways that You can do to enlarge the penis naturally :

1. Start with Jelq
Jelq is a technique used to stretch the penis and is one of the best techniques to increase penis size naturally. This can be done with or without lubrication.

Start with one hand to make a penis having a semi-erection. With fingers still encircling the penis. Massage the penis to the tip to increase the flow of blood through all tissues. Then switch to other hand and repeat. You can do this exercise about fifteen times for maximum results.

2. Stretch the penis
When the penis is flaccid, pull the penis gently. Do not pull too hard because it can cause pain. Hold the stretch for ten to fifteen seconds and release. This exercise can also be repeated about fifteen times in a day.

3. Using a penis pump
Penis pumps will give a larger size in an instant, although the effect is not permanent. Usually 1-2 hours before sex, men are advised to use the penis pump to give the effect of large and long.

Oh yes, because penis pumps can give you side effects, don't use it too often. In addition, do not use the pressure is too great.

how to make your dick grow without pills

4. Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo is a plant that originated from mainland China. Since thousands of years ago, the efficacy of this plant is believed to treat various health problems. One of the properties of the most known is to cope with memory problems.

What to do with the length of the penis? The idea is that ginkgo is able to improve blood flow to the penis.

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It helps men who experience the condition to poor blood circulation. With the flow of blood into the penis, then penis size becomes larger. Although there has been no scientific evidence underlying this suggestion, however, researchers at the University of California found the fact, gingko is the most effective help men with sexual dysfunction.

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