Here's How To Bug Bite Remedy

Bug bite remedy, The term kissing bug ( Bug Bite ) is the naming of the insect triatoma, where this insect is a vector a carrier of this type of parasite called Trypanosoma sp that causes Chagas disease (Chagas's disease). Important for You to know also that chagas disease caused by kissing bugs are not a disease that is endemic or appears frequently in Indonesia, so the chances of people who live in indonesia affected by the disease is very small.

These diseases and insects kissing bug is more commonly found in latin america, africa, and oceania. A lot of insects that have a look similar to these insects, so often mischaracterized as triatoma. Usually the insect triatoma appear at night to search for food from human blood and often bite in humans around the eye area and the mouth of the so-called kissing bug.

Symptoms of insect bites resemble bites from other insects, which cause inflammatory reactions, so around the mouth can appear reddish like a blister and feels pain.
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bug bite remedy

Maybe Your symptoms is an inflammation of the skin due to the bites of other insects that resemble kissing bug. Therefore, to ascertain the cause of the onset of your current condition, then immediately visit a dermatologist to do further tests and finally the right treatment can be given.

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Usually for inflammatory conditions result from the bites of insects of this kind, patients will be given drugs to reduce the inflammation that is given in the form of ointments or in the form of a medication (drug class of steroids). To cope with pain will also be given pain relievers such as paracetamol or mefenamic acid.

The amoxicillin given to patients with insect bites if based on the results of the examination found no evidence of secondary infection on the skin caused by bacteria. So we recommend the use of these drugs should be based on the prescription made by the doctor.

Here're how to bug bite remedy :

1. Ice packs
The cold temperature of ice can help numb nerve endings, thereby reducing the sensation of itch due to bites of bedbugs. In addition, ice can also avoid the bite marks swell.

The steps are as follows:
  •  Wrap the ice cubes to taste in a thin towel
  •  Place it on the affected area of the bite for 10-15 minutes
  •  Repeat as needed
2. baking soda
Baking soda helps neutralize the acid chemicals that can cause itching from the bite of bedbugs. She can also be anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling and redness.

The steps are as follows:
  •  Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and three spoons of tea water
  •  Apply the mixture to the affected area slowly
  •  Leave for 10 minutes before you finally rinse
  •  If feel not comfortable, repeat after a time delay of 30-45 minutes
3. Water freshly squeezed lemon juice
Water freshly squeezed lemon juice will dry the rash and relieve itching sensation due to the bites of bedbugs. In addition, he also is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial thus reducing the redness and swelling as well as prevent infection.

Steps that you need to do is as follows:
  •  Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice
  •  Apply on the areas exposed to the bites of bedbugs
  •  Let it dry, then rinse with water
  •  Do several times in a day

Note : lemon juice can make your skin susceptible to sunburn. Don't go out in the sun for a few hours after using this drug.

bug bite remedy

4. Aloe vera Gel
Aloe Gel contains active compounds and amino acids that help relieve sensations of itching due to bedbugs. Aloe vera itself to keep skin hydrated.

Steps you can do are as follows:
  •  Take a gel or what is meant here is the meat of aloe vera, then apply to the area that is bitten by bedbugs
  •  The rest of the flesh of aloe vera that are unused, you can store in the refrigerator for use the next time
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5. Tea bags
Tea bags wet can also cope with the itching and swelling caused by bites of bedbugs. This tea contains tannins with astringent properties anesthetic and light.

The trick is as follows:
  •  Moisturize tea bags used in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes
  •  Put the tea bags which already dampened it in the area affected by the bite for 15 minutes
  •  Repeat as needed

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