Impacted Stool Home Remedy and Treatment

Impacted stool home remedy, Treatment of impacted stools to improve digestion so people can defecate regularly (at least once in 2-3 days and without straining).The first treatment for constipation that is often recommended is to improve diet and lifestyle, particularly increased consumption of fiber.

Sufficient levels of fiber contained in food intake, such as fruits, vegetables, and wheat, will have an impact on the smoothness of the digestive system. In addition to fiber, there are also some other steps that are useful in waging the digestive system of our body. The simple steps are :
  • Increase the consumption of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid caffeine because it can trigger dehydration.
  • Increase the frequency of exercise, for example jogging in the morning or afternoon every day.
  • Don't ignore the desire to defecate.
  • Try to put Your knees on the higher position of the hips at the time of defecation, for example, when sitting on the toilet, use a small stool to put feet.
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impacted stool home remedy

Treatment with Laxatives

If the initial treatment is less effective, the doctor will generally advocate the use of laxatives. Please keep in mind that during the use of this drug, You or Your child are advised to consume lots of water to avoid dehydration. Laxatives will expedite the process of defecation and are available in several types, namely :
  • Of osmotic laxatives. This laxative will increase the amount of fluid in the intestine so that the stool will be more soft and stimulate the intestines to push the stool out. An example of a drug that is usually given by a doctor is lactulose and macrogol.

  •  Forming laxatives stool. This drug will make Your stools retain fluid, which was conceived so that it becomes soft and can be removed easily. Therefore, patients should drink plenty of water when using laxatives of this type. Husk ispaghula and methylcellulose are two examples forming laxatives stool often given by a doctor.

  •  Laxatives stimulants. This drug will stimulate and help the muscles of the digestive tract to push stool in the large intestine towards the anus. Stimulant laxatives are given if the stools remain hard to get out, though it was soft. The kind that are often given are senna, bisacodyl and sodium picosulphate.

The duration of the use of laxatives depending on the severity of the constipation that You are experiencing. If you are experiencing constipation due to medications or other diseases, You may have to consume a laxative for longer periods such as months or even years.

The dose should also be reduced gradually and one by one if You use a combination of several types of laxatives. But if constipation occurs suddenly and in a short time period, then a laxative can be immediately stopped when the stool is already soft and easily removed.

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Laxatives can also be used by pregnant women, because the majority of the drug is not absorbed by the digestive system so will not impact on the fetus. Laxative that is safe for future pregnancy is an osmotic laxative lactulose and macrogol. If both are not effective, the doctor will recommend bisacodyl or senna (stimulant laxatives) low-dose. But senna is not suitable to drink during pregnancy third trimester, because most of this medication will be absorbed by the digestive system.

impacted stool home remedy

Handling Constipation In Infants

Handling steps for the baby depending on whether Your baby is already eating solid foods or not.

Constipation in infants not yet weaned or not yet eating solid food can be handled by giving the white water on the sidelines of the schedule the provision of milk. If Your baby is taking formula milk, give the appropriate dose and does not need to be reduced. Moving the legs like pedaling a bicycle or massaging his belly with carefully may be You can do to stimulate contractions of the intestines.

While the handling of constipation in babies who are already eating solid food can be done by giving him water or fruit juice mixed with water. If possible, You can also give him fruit mashed or chopped. Fruits are suitable to be consumed baby who is experiencing constipation, among others grapes, apples, avocado, kiwi, banana, mango, strawberries, and papaya.

If a change of diet is not effective or baby who is experiencing constipation the level of severe, the doctor will usually give an osmotic laxative is a stimulant laxative if needed. While forming laxatives stool is not recommended for infants.
Step Treatment for Impaction of Feces

An impacted stool occurs when there is stool hard and dry that accumulate and clog the rectum. Treatment for these complications is usually done by a combination of osmotic laxatives macrogol high doses and purgatives stimulant.

But, if Your body does not react to this laxative, the doctor will give you a small enema or suppository. An Enema is a liquid medicine that is injected into the colon through the anus. Docusate and sodium citrate can be given as an enema. While the suppository is a capsule that is inserted through the anus. This drug will dissolve gradually, and then absorbed into the blood stream. Examples are bisacodyl.

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impacted stool home remedy


Constipation rarely causes any complications, unless You experience it in the long term or chronic. Some of the complications that may occur are :
  • Hemorrhoidal or hemorrhoids – swelling of the walls of the anus due to the dilation of blood vessels that is usually caused by the process of straining too long. These blood vessels can rupture causing bleeding.

  • Fissure on anus. Straining too long and the stools are hard or large can result in fissures or tearing of the skin on the wall of the anus.

  •  Impaction stool – stacking stool dry and hard in the rectum due to constipation which is protracted.
  • Rectal prolapse – the rectum falls from its position in the body and sticking out from the anus due to too long straining.
Prevention Of Constipation

Constipation including health conditions that we can avoid. A few simple steps to prevent this condition are :
  • Increase the consumption of fiber, for example by eating vegetables, fruits, brown rice, cereals, grains, and nuts.

  • Increase the consumption of fluid so that the dirt in the gut is always software.

  • Reduce consumption of caffeinated drinks. These types of drinks can potentially increase the risk of dehydration.

  • Avoid dairy products. The type of food or drink made from milk can also trigger the possibility of constipation in some people.

  •  Increase the frequency of exercise. Do at least 2 to 3 hours in a week. Regular exercise not only will help lower the risk of constipation, but can prevent other diseases.

  • Don't ignore the desire to defecate. Habits resist the urge to defecate will increase the risk of constipation.

  • Regulates the bowel habits that can be carried out freely and comfortable.

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