John Mccain Brain Cancer Treatment, Can Brain Cancer Be Cured?

John Mccain Brain Cancer Treatment, Can Brain cancer be cured ?, United States Senator, John McCain, has died at the age of 81 years due to the brain cancer he suffered since last year, on Saturday (25/08). McCain was so loved by her people because of her figure firm and democratic. Not only that, he also known of the brave and peace loving since the beginning of his career as a pilot of the U.S. Air Force. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

The name of John McCain then a lot of highlighted in the debut of the seizure of the seat of the president when competing with Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the struggle to McCain in the land of Uncle Sam should end, forced to give up on the disease that is known to be quite malignant: cancer of the brain.

John Mccain Brain Cancer Treatment, Can Brain Cancer Be Cured?

The brain and the spinal cord is composed of millions of nerve cells are interconnected with one another to process information, store it, and organize the work of the various organs of the body. Around the nerve cells there are glial cells which function to keep working nerve cells so smoothly and lasts a maximum of.

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Glioblastoma, brain cancer suffered by senator John McCain, is one type of cancer that originates from glial cells. Other types of cancerous glial cells (glioma) astrocytoma, ependimoma, oligodendroglioma. Of the four types of the cancer, a glioblastoma is a type of highly malignant, aggressive, fast growing, and difficult to overcome.

Although anyone can suffer from glioblastoma multiforme, risk factors of this disease is increased in certain people :

1. Age
Age from 45 to 65 years is the age range most at risk of developing this disease.

2. Exposure to radiation
Although the exact cause of brain cancer is unknown, exposure to radiation can be one of the risk factors the biggest.

3. Have a history of brain cancer in the family
The presence of a history of cancer in parents and siblings can double the risk of cancer of the person on a later day.

John Mccain Brain Cancer Treatment, Can Brain Cancer Be Cured?

The treatment of brain cancer glioblastoma

Travel John McCain in the fight to combat glioblastoma can not be underestimated. This type of cancer is fairly stubborn, vicious, and difficult to enforce.

In the medical world was until now no single method that can completely turn off the cancer cells. Variety of efforts only to the extent of suppressing the growth of cancer cells and minimize the symptoms.

Although it can't be exterminated completely, patients with brain cancer glioblastoma can still live his life with optimal origin meekly on the treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The various modalities of therapy that are currently developed in the fight against glioblastoma multiforme are as follows:

1. Operation
When the location of the tumor relatively easy to reach and the size is not too large, the operation can be one of the therapeutic measures. However, this option can not be selected when the size of the tumor is relatively large, it is difficult to reach, and the risks of surgery are too great.

2. Radiation
Radiation therapy is performed using X-rays that are “fired” directly to the area of the brain affected by cancer. This therapy is usually done in conjunction with chemotherapy.

3. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy can be done by inserting the drug directly into the brain during the operation, through infusion, or oral medication.

4. Tumor treating fields (TTF) therapy
TTF was conducted by placing a plate on the head which is connected with a machine. This machine will emit waves that will help suppress the development of cancer cells in the brain.

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5. Targeted drug therapy
Drugs used in methods of targeted drug therapy works to suppress the influence of cancer cells on the surrounding cells.

6. Palliative treatment
Palliative treatment is done to help relieve a variety of symptoms. An example is the provision of antinyeri, antimual, and anti-seizure in patients who experience any of these symptoms.

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