New Treatment To Increase Liver Cancer Survival Rate

New treatment to increase liver cancer survival rate, How to new treatment of liver cancer which ranges from the development of artificial hearts to a pig genetically engineered to produce organs suitable for humans is being investigated.

For patients with liver cancer, there are only two options, that got a liver transplant or remove the affected part of the cancer. Both require major surgery, and the patient who got the liver transplant it should take the medicine immuno-suppressants throughout their lives, so that liver grafts that are not attacked by the immune system. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

New treatment for increase liver cancer survival rate

However, scientists are working on a new approach that does not use surgery. Treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, can damage the healthy cells around the tumors. But the way this new use, the chemical compounds of plants that are not toxic.

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Kattesh Katti, professor at the faculty of medicine, University of Missouri , led a study that uses nano technology to target and destroy tumor cells precancerous in the mouse liver and human cells in a petri dish.

"It sounds like a fairy tale, but we are already at an advanced stage in terms of the treatment of tumors and diagnosis of disease," said Kattesh Katti.

Katti uses gold particles that are very small which is wrapped with a protective material that is taken from acacia trees. Particles that attract cells of precancerous and malignant cells, which can be killed with heat.

"The patient will be given the nano particles. Two hours later, the patient will be treated with a laser, to heat the parts that have been infiltrated with the particles of gold were, and then could go home. So, there is no radioactive material. No toxic waste, and the patient is at all exposed to toxins ... no," said Kattesh Katti.

New treatment for increase liver cancer survival rate

Katti said the cost of treatment is not expensive, because a single gram of gold can be used to treat 50 patients. Anyway, the word Katti treatment that can be used to kill other types of cancer, arthritis or gout, and a disease that weakens the other. The next step is clinical trials in humans.

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If effective, this technique is good news for the nearly 800,000 people who were diagnosed with liver cancer each year and could save the 700,000 people who die each year from this disease.

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