Is Lung Cancer Curable : Here's Cancer Remedy Without Surgery and Chemotherapy

Is lung cancer curable ? Lung Cancer Remedy Without Surgery and Chemotherapy , If looking for the treatment of lung cancer in the natural, indeed quite a lot, but this time to be special we discuss is the treatment of herbal alternative for patients with lung cancer are already in stage 4. Is it still possible to treat lung cancer final stage so as to prevent a premature death ? ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Lung Cancer Remedy Without Operation

1. Skin of the Mangosteen

The benefits of the material this one is quite a lot to our body, especially for lung cancer. Do not rush to give up hope because of the way the treatment is very simple. In addition to efficacy able to repel cancer cells, other functions that can be felt by sufferers is the immune system improved and maintained to remain stable. Even viruses that try to get into the body can be expelled by the content-good content of mangosteen skin.

1. We only need to boil the skin of the mangosteen fruit to taste and cooking water that we consume every day. All cancer cells will be automatically hampered its development so that the spread can be stopped and the patient's condition is able to be saved.

2. If you want another alternative for the processing of the skin of the mangosteen in addition to boil it, we can make juice from mangosteen peel. This can be a solution if for example get bored eating the cooking water mangosteen skin.

3. More practical again indeed don't cultivate themselves, and for this, there are products trusted extract kulit manggis in the form of capsules which can be taken as a rule. Consumption will be much easier without reducing benefits.

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2. Water Spinach Vegetable Red

Herbal concoctions that are believed to be effective other is made from vegetable spinach red. Its function is very good to help in order pain or pain from lung cancer better and subside.

1. spinach red here only need to be boiled and then filtered. When it's warm, the water can be drunk regularly without bolong each day so that the results more quickly perceived.

2. in Addition to can be used as herb water decoction, vegetable spinach red may also be cooked vegetables and cancer patients can enjoy it as a daily menu.

Lung Cancer Remedy Without Operation

3. The Leaves Of The Soursop

Herbal remedies for lung cancer which is also to be noted is main made of the leaves of the soursop. This natural material has been proven to slow the growth of cells of cancer because of the power it works only 1000 times bigger and stronger so that the cancer cells will be lost. 

Not only cancer of the lung, cancer cells breast cancer is one of the effective will be expelled and exterminated by the content of soursop leaves. That's the fact of soursop leaves so it's no wonder that patients enter into stage 4 lung cancer can drink boiled water every day for healing naturally.

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A series of symptoms of lung cancer stage 4 to the point most end have been discussed that may make us be more aware. Although herbal remedies can help, would be much better if the lung cancer can start to be addressed in the early stages.

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