Lung Cancer Symptoms In Men, Signs That Often Occurs

Lung cancer symptoms in men signs that often occurs, Lung cancer is a disease that is silently deadly, and is a type of cancer with the highest mortality rate, i.e. 1.59 million in 2012, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the causes of high mortality rate is due to the difficulty of diagnosing lung cancer early.

About 40% of people diagnosed with lung cancer, recently received the diagnosis after the disease has progressed. Than 1/3 of diagnosis, the cancer has reached stage 3. Here are some of the warning signs of lung cancer You shouldn't ignore. ( Read more : colon cancer test and proton therapy for prostate cancer )

Lung cancer symptoms in men signs that often occurs

Signss and symptoms of lung cance

1. Cough that can not be cured

Cough is very common. You can cough due to fever or because of choking. However, if the cough does not stop immediately after the fever lost or not improved after treated, You need to visit a doctor to check the lungs or X-ray.

2. Changes in the cough

Chronic cough is often a symptom of other conditions, such as acid reflux (GERD), asthma, or allergies. However, if the condition of the cough changed (such as from a dry cough then the cough with phlegm or bloody), You need to visit a doctor.

3. Shortness of breath after normal activity

If You often feel shortness of breath or Your breath goes off, it can be a symptom of lung cancer. You can have difficulty breathing due to a tumor that obstructs the respiratory tract or fluid around the lungs is increased, thereby suppressing Your lungs.

Because it's normal to feel shortness of breath, often times we ignore it. However, if You can't breathe normally after doing routine activities like climbing stairs, lifting items, or do things that previously You can do without difficulty breathing, contact a physician immediately.

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4. Pain in the chest

Although the tumor of lung cancer that appears in the middle of the lung do not cause pain, the type of lung cancer specific occurs on the outside of the lung and the chest wall can cause pain. Lung cancer can cause pain in the chest, shoulders, or back. If the cancer causes chest pain, discomfort may be caused lymph nodes or metastasis in the chest wall, pleura (lining around the lung) or rib that swells.

5. Your breath sound

Shortness of breath happens when the lungs contract, blocked, or inflamed. Shortness can be a sign of health conditions such as allergies and asthma. Don't ignore it. If the condition does not immediately improve, You need to immediately notify your doctor. It is better to know what actually happened rather than assume.

6. The sound of change

Your voice may become hoarse when fever or at some time not used, like when You wake up. However, if You feel the change in Your voice, or someone tells You that Your sound became more heavy and hoarse, immediately consult a doctor. If the condition does not improve after 2 weeks of treatment, consult a physician. The Tumor of lung cancer can affect Your voice mailbox, thereby causing changes in Your voice.

7. Lose weight

Weight loss sudden is a sign that is not good. People with lung cancer often experience a loss of weight in a short time, caused by cancer cells that use all the energy and nutrients. Don't ignore changes in Your weight, especially if it happens when You do not change the eating pattern or lifestyle. This can be a harbinger of changes to Your health.

Lung cancer symptoms in men signs that often occurs

8. Pain in the bones

Lung cancer is the advanced stage can cause pain in the bones. Most people with bone cancer are older people, so that they assume the bone pain is the aging process. Pain in the bones due to cancer of the lung is often centralized in the back or shoulder, arm, or neck, although rare. Pain due to lung cancer often worsens when You rest and at night. Pain is a harbinger of bad. Therefore, don't ignore the pain in parts of Your body and immediately consult.

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9. Headache that does not go missing

Pain the most dangerous of lung cancer is a headache. This may indicate that the cancer has spread from the lungs to the brain. In some cases, lung cancer can cause headaches due to the tumor pressing on the nerve through the chest. This pressure can result in headaches. If You have a headache that does not go missing, You need to immediately see Your doctor.

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