Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

Medela Breast Pump, For You mothers who are in the process of breastfeeding should read our article. Breast pump equipment that must be owned by the nursing mothers in general. Activities expressing milk routinely done by the nursing mother, which is usually done several times in one day. When You can not give milk directly to the baby, due to several reasons such as work, then the Breast pump will greatly help You to express milk to be stored for the baby.

Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

This is now available Breast pumps with various options, among which Breast pump manual and electric with a variety of brands. To facilitate You, the young mother who wants to buy a Breast pump but have yet to understand its features and functions, here we will review how to choose a Breast pump and give recommendations 10 pump breast milk is best.

Medela Breast Pump : 

1. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump, has a variety of excellent features that make it very idolized by the young mother active. Using technology that combines 2 methods of pumping, electric pumping quickly a few minutes at the beginning to stimulate the breast milk out followed by pumping more slowly after the breast milk is stimulated.

The result proved to be effective to produce the amount of breast milk a lot more with time of pumping is short.

If You love the pumping of the soft, You can skip stage pumping faster by pressing the button. A Breast pump is lightweight so easy to carry, You also can pump 2 breasts at once to save time because it has the features of tube 2. Battery Breast pump durable and can be used for some pumping session in a day, You don't need the hassles of looking for the plug.

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2. Medela Harmony Light Manual Breast Pump

Products Medela is already no doubt his name among breastfeeding mothers, is recognized as the product pump breast milk quality. Unfortunately the price of which can reach millions of dollars relatively expensive for the young mother.

But now Medela Harmony Light comes with the package a more economical price, Breast pump manual comes with a competitive price but still high-tech.

Pressing the lever of the pump affect the results obtained, whether for the stimulation or pumping. If You want to stimulate the breast milk, press the lever of the pump section with a short, if you want to pump up the more gently you can start pressing the lever the back. For You who want to have a Breast pump quality at a price that is quite economical, have this product immediately!

How to choose a breast pump

To choose a Breast pump, You need to consider various things including the frequency of pumping, quantity of breast milk, and Your skin type. Choose a Breast pump that best suits Your needs by considering the following things.

A. Select a breast pump based on the frequency of use and quantity of breast milk :

Pump breast milk in general are divided into 2 types, namely manual type and electric. You need to choose a Breast pump by considering how often the frequency of its use and the amount of breast milk you.

1. Pump breast milk manually, for quantity of milk and use occasional
If the quantity of breast milk not too much and frequency to express milk only occasionally, then type Breast pump, manual fitting for this use. By using this type of pump, You can also control the strength of the suction power of the pump on Your breast as well as pumping speed.

Breast pump manual also convenient to use if You want to use it in conjunction with the time of breastfeeding Your child. Your baby can suckle on one breast while You are pumping breast milk on the breast next to it. Because the manual, then Your baby will not be disturbed by the sound of the engine of the pump of breast milk.

In addition, Breast pump manual lightweight and easy to carry wherever You go. Only, the price maybe not cheap enough. If You will be using more than one time in a day, we suggest You buy a Breast pump electric.

2. BREAST pump electric for quantity of breast milk that many
Breast pump electric have the advantage of easy to use. Unlike Breast pumps manual rely on Your hands to pump, the electric pump will not make Your hands sore. Hence mothers who have a quantity of breast milk that a lot, we recommend to choose the electric pump. You only need to press the button to start expressing milk.

To save You time when expressing milk, then You can also use a electric pump that can pump breast milk simultaneously in the left breast and the right. The electric pump also tends to be faster in use, so it is very efficient. Only disadvantage is the price which is usually more expensive compared with the manual pump.

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Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features
B. Select the bottle container breast MILK large
The size of the bottle container breast milk differs depending on each manufacturer, You should check out the size of the bottle container breast milk before You buy a Breast pump that You want.

In general, the bottle container breast milk complement Breast pumps is the size of a baby's milk bottle, that is 120 ml to 160 ml. On some products, bottle container her milk there that are less than 100 ml.

For the amount of breast milk-its not too much, then the size of the bottles on the Breast pump will not be much of a problem. But for those of You who have the amount of breast milk very much, You need to consider the size of the bottle container Breast pumps before you buy.

Make sure the size of the bottle enough to accommodate the Breast milk You every time You pick the hairs out.

 C. Select material that is soft to the funnel of a BREAST pump

When choosing a Breast pump, note the pump breast milk directly touching Your skin. Special for this section, choose which is made of a material that is soft for example silicone.

Some young mothers sometimes have sensitive skin, especially on the part of the nipple, which is also sometimes blisters because of frequent feeding Your baby and milked simultaneously.

Part of a funnel that touches the skin is on some of the products a Breast pump, sometimes made of plastic material which is less comfortable when used. Wherefore choose a good material for this part is very necessary, for Your comfort when expressing milk. ( Read more : colon cancer test and cheap small business health insuranc )

D. Select easy-to-clean

Breast pumps should always be clean and hygienic when it will be used. Therefore choose a Breast pump that is easy to be cleaned and sterilized.

For the use of every day, of course You want a Breast pump that is easy to use and clean. Breast pumps generally consist of several parts separate, including the pump handle, funnel, bottle container breast milk, valve and so on. Of course the more parts on a Breast pump, then it will be the longer time required to clean it.

If the pump has parts that are difficult to clean, then You need more effort to clean after every use. Therefore we suggest You to choose a Breast pump that does not have too many separate parts and choose that each part is easy to clean.

In addition, we also suggest You to buy the product pump breast milk is that its spare parts are sold separately. If one spare part is missing or damaged, then You can replace it.

Breast pumps should always be washed and cleaned immediately after use. Hence You need to carefully choose the product that all of its parts are easy to be cleaned and disinfected. There are also Breast pumps which can be washed using a machine dishwasher. Of course the use of the machine the dishwasher will be easier for You.

In addition, each product has a way to disinfect different. Anyone can use the microwave, there to be boiled, and there is also the need to use disinfectant soap special. Hence consider the method and how to clean each product pump breast milk before You buy it.

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Medela Breast Pump : Offering A Variety Of Excellent Features

E. Select the product that is able to stimulate the breast MILK to come out
Breast milk is not an automatic out only with You pumping it with toned. At the time the baby suckles, the general suction of the baby in the beginning will stimulate breast milk out, if the milk had come out smoothly, then the baby suck it out with a regular rhythm.

Likewise with the Breast pumps, pumping strong in the beginning sometimes it will not directly stimulate breast milk to come out but instead it will make You uncomfortable and may cause pain in Your breast.

For that, choose a product that is able to stimulate the breast milk to come out with a method such as the baby breastfeeding to comfort You.

The advantages of using BREAST pumps
 One of the advantages of using Breast pumps is that You can provide a supply of breast milk to Your baby at any time even when You are away from Your baby. For example if You work in an office and have to leave Your baby at a family member or baby care place.

Even for babies who have allergies on certain foods or drinks, Breastfeeding will not cause allergies in Your baby. In addition, You can also involve the baby's father in caring for the baby, for example by giving breast milk through a bottle to Your baby.

As additional information, if breast milk squeeze does not want to be directly consumed by Your baby, then You can keep it in the refrigerator or frozen. Use the bottles to freeze breast milk that is generally sold separately.

In addition, Your baby still has the immune system weak, hence the Breast pump and bottle container breast milk should always be kept clean so as not to contaminated with bacteria and germs. However to clean and disinfect any time may be difficult for You. Therefore we recommend You choose a product that can be disinfected by microwave or sterilizer to make Your life easier.

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