10 Natural Home Remedies For Heat Rash

Natural home remedies for heat rash, Excessive sweating and it can cause prickly heat. The onset of the red spots this could reduce the self-confidence you. The main cause of prickly heat is that the sweat that clogged by the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis live on the skin surface.

These bacteria are able to secrete a sticky substance that can be fused with sweat and dead skin cells. This can make the sweat ducts are clogged. Prickly heat is a rash of small red and prominent cause itching and stinging sensation or tenderness on the skin.
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Natural Home Remedies Heat Rash

In addition to the bacteria, prickly heat also caused due to the tropical climate and hot temperatures, exercise or heavy physical activity, and bed rest for too long. This causes the body secretes sweat that can clog pores if not addressed immediately. Usually prickly heat appears on the neck, back, chest, hands, thighs, face, and body folds such as the elbows or the armpits.

This disease can cause a feeling of fever are shivering on the body, increasing pain in the affected skin infections, discharge of pus from the bumps of the rash, and the presence of lumps in the armpit or groin.

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However, you can use natural ingredients to overcome the prickly Heat Rash on your body, here are Natural Home Remedies that can be used to eliminate the prickly Heat Rash quickly ?

1. Ice Cubes
Prickly heat causes itching on the skin. However, the itching can be overcome by utilizing ice cubes in the freezer your fridge. You just need to scrape off ice cubes or pressing in perlhan on the part of the skin affected by prickly heat or rashes. A sense of coldness is able to relieve itching due to prickly heat stubborn. Do it regularly so that the red spots were lost.

2. Honey
Honey is known as natural moisturizer and humectant that is good for the skin. You can apply honey directly to the area of skin that problematic. In addition, to get maximum results, You can mix honey with jojoba oil. Just apply to the entire area affected by prickly heat. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do it this way as much as three to four times every week so the itching subsided and the room lost.

3. Baking Soda
Materials that easily you find at the yard of the house such as aloe vera, the bsa is also used to mengobai prickly heat. Aloe vera or aloe vera is one plant that is trusted as a natural remedy that is able to fend off all the problems of the skin resulting from prickly heat.

How to use that is by applying aloe vera gel on the skin that has a rash. Easy steps you can apply at home every 3 times a day so that itching and the rash soon disappear.

Natural Home Remedies Heat Rash

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal or oats is also believed to be used as natural ingredients to overcome the prickly heat. You can use in mixture a, or water bath. You can also mix 1 tbsp of sugar add honey and 3 tbsp of oatmeal. Stir and mix all three ingredients until evenly distributed. Then rub and rub the mixture into all parts of the problematic skin. Let stand a few minutes until the potion is absorbed and dries on the skin.

5. Goosberry
The other way is no less quick to cure prickly heat in children or adults is to use gooseberries. The processing itself is quite easy to enter the clay and water into a container. After that mix with pieces of goosberry to cover the clay. Let stand overnight and the next day you can use as a mash up with filter water. Then add the sugar and honey, then drink this herb regularly. Gradually goosberry this will remove prickly heat, remove heat and digestive problems that arise.

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6. Castor Oil
The essential oils in the form of castor oil is believed to overcome many of the problems of the skin and control excess oil production which became one of the reasons of blockage of the pores of the skin. It's easy, you can spread 1/2 tsp of castor oil into the troubled area while performing a gentle massage with circular movements.

7. The Skin Of The Banyan Tree
Natural way that you can use is by utilizing the bark of banyan tree. You just need to hone the outside skin. Then wash clean rack to dry. then tumbuklah skin of banyan tree dried up into powder. Use the powder of the bark of trees of the banyan is to be applied on the area of the prickly heat, how to use like to use powder on the child. This way can be the quick relief to eliminate the rash, the heat and itching.

8. Mint leaves
The coldness of the mint leaves is able to cool the skin and relieve itching due to rashes. Take a handful of fresh mint leaves that are already washed, mashed, then apply it on the skin redness.

9. Apple cider vinegar
Mix 3 spoon of organic honey and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Drink this mixture at least three times a day until the skin condition improves.

10. Turmeric
Turmeric can cool the skin and overcome the irritation. Mash one segment of fresh turmeric that has been washed (make sure the tool pounder sterile), then mix with 2 tbsp of honey. Use as a mask.

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