Natural Home Remedies For Impetigo

Natural home remedies for impetigo, Impetigo is a skin infection caused by bacteria, in the form of blisters or patches of open sores on the skin, which then cause the crust is colored yellow or brown. The disease can be transmitted due to direct contact between the skin with the skin or with the goods of the intermediary, such as a towel, clothing, or eating utensils that have been contaminated with bacteria.

Impetigo occurs more often in children than adults. The high physical interactions with peers in the school or playground makes children more often become the victims of impetigo.
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Natural home remedies for impetigo

Based on the symptoms, impetigo divided into two, namely :
  • Bullous Impetigo, is characterized by skin that blisters and filled with fluid. The emergence of bullous impetigo is usually also accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes.

  • Impetigo nonbulosa, characterized by the appearance of red blotches, like a wound that leaves a yellow-colored crust is browned. Although not a blister, impetigo nonbulosa more infectious than the bullous impetigo.
Symptoms Of Impetigo

Symptoms of impetigo do not appear immediately after the patient is infected. Symptoms that usually appear after 4-10 days from exposure to bacteria. Impetigo nonbulosa is more common than bullous impetigo. To prevent the spread of infection, it is advisable to not touch the area of the infected skin.

Infection bullous impetigo usually appears in the central part of the body between the waist and the neck or arms and limbs. While the infection impetigo nonbulosa commonly occur around the mouth and nose, but can spread to other body parts through the intermediary of the fingers, towels, or clothing that have been exposed to the bacteria.

Symptoms of bullous impetigo :
  • The skin blisters and fluid-filled measuring 1-2 centimeters that feels pain and make the surrounding skin itch.
  • Skin blistered in a short time can spread and then broke in a few days.
  • Fractional skin blistered and then left a yellow-colored crust.
  • Once cured, the yellow crust disappear without leaving marks at all.
Symptoms of impetigo nonbulosa :
  • The appearance of red patches resemble sores that do not hurt but itch.
  • Patches can spread rapidly when touched or carded, and then change into the crust lightly browned.
  • After the crust which is approximately the size of 2 centimeters is dry, left is former reddish colored.
  • The former reddish colored this can be healed without scars in a period of several days or weeks.
Causes Of Impetigo

The main cause of impetigo is Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes. Transmission of bacteria can occur through direct physical contact with the patient or through an intermediary, such as clothes, towel, napkin, and so on which earlier used patients.

The bacteria will be more easily infect someone who has wounds, for example wounds caused by insect bites, dropped, or cut sharp objects. Can also because of sores caused by the infection of another skin, such as eczema, scabies, or lice infection.

Natural home remedies for impetigo

Other factors that may increase the risk of transmission of impetigo include :
  • Do activities that are prone to occur skin contact, for example sports martial arts, basketball, or football.

  • In a very dense neighborhood. Bacterial diseases impetigo is easily transmitted in a noisy environment where the intensity of the interaction of people high.

  • The age of the boy. Impetigo more often affects children aged 2-5 years, in which their immune system is not fully formed.

  •  The temperature is humid and warm. The bacteria that cause impetigo are more easy to breed in places that are damp and warm.

  • Weak immune system the body a weak immune System will make someone easy to be infected with bacteria.

  • Suffering from diabetes. Wound owned diabetics will facilitate bacterial impetigo to enter and infect the skin.

  • Have open wounds on the skin. The germs that cause impetigo can enter through small wounds on the surface of the skin, such as cuts insect bites or a skin rash.
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Natural home remedies for impetigo

1. Use Warm Water Regularly
The first way that you can do is compress parts of the skin affected by the disease impetigo regularly. Some facts stated that the bacteria can be killed by the heat of the water. You do this by dipping a cloth or handkerchief clean hands into the warm water, then describe to the part of skin experiencing impetigo for a few minutes.

2. Use White Vinegar
White vinegar is known can be processed into a course of antibiotics at home to help the healing process of wounds due to infection. Antibiotics from the white vinegar will help stop the spread of bacteria that cause infection on the skin. How :
  • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of distilled vinegar to 2 cups warm water
  • Prepare a clean cotton pad, dip it into a mixture of white vinegar and water and then rubbed on the skin
  • having impetigo
  • Pat skin until dry and then apply antibiotic ointment
  • Immediately cover the area of the skin with gauze
  •  Perform routine at least 2 times in one day
3. Garlic
Garlic was chosen as one of the Natural Ways to Treat Impetigo (a Skin Infection) because it contains antibacterial properties and is a natural antibiotic that is able to fight against the various triggers of the infection. Garlic is also able to help you eliminate the itching and burning caused by impetigo. Way of processing :
  • Heat 2 tablespoons of the sesame oil with the garlic that is already chopped
  • strain the processed sesame oil and onion
  • Use a cotton swab percent or cotton buds to apply the sesame oil and garlic that has been processed on the skin affected by impetigo.

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