4 Natural Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenail

Home remedies for ingrown toenail, Paronychia is an inflammation problem that occurs in the area of the nail in the big toe or the hands. The problem Ingrown Toenail this will cause pain with marked red color and also can even fester. In addition, sometimes the disease forward on the nail of the big toe or the hands of this foul odor.

How to treat Ingrown Toenail itself can be said to be very easy and also a little bit difficult. This is because when the heal takes patience and special attention while doing it. Treat Ingrown Toenail very different to treat diseases of the ulcers or the like. When You treat Ingrown Toenail this could be a little more sick and also can experience failure and repetition.

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Natural Home Remedies Ingrown Toenail

The Causes Of The Occurrence Ingrown Toenail

Disease Ingrown Toenail can happen due to several things, such as by cutting the nails that have been beyond their bounds (too short), the cuts are too sharp and result in tearing of the skin on the nail, or a result of the movement of the legs perform the movement stop suddenly such as when doing sports of basketball and badminton.

A variety of things that can create infection on the skin so as to make the disease Ingrown Toenail embossed on the thumb nails of the hands or our feet. In addition, another consequence can be a disease Ingrown Toenail is when the use of shoes that are too tight or narrow, so that will make the big toe feels not free to move.

Have problems in the feet or hands due to Ingrown Toenail it's a very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Because when this disease arises, then the movement of feet or hands will experience the nuisance during the day. Disease Ingrown Toenail this can also occur due to the nails that pierced into the flesh of the toe nails or nails that are dirty and rarely cleaned.

With a variety of these factors, the nails have an infection and embossed Ingrown Toenail. Disease Ingrown Toenail that is severe to fester, it will be very pain and a lot of bacteria. To that end, the following will be given some natural ways to treat the disease Ingrown Toenail.

Natural Home Remedies Ingrown Toenail

How To Treat Ingrown Toenail Naturally

There are many ways that You can use to treat the disease Ingrown Toenail, and the following will be given 4 ways of treating diseases Ingrown Toenail naturally.

1. The Marinade Warm Water
 The first step You can do to cure Ingrown Toenail is by soaking it in warm water. This immersion is highly recommended if Ingrown Toenail the new grow. How to mix warm water with salt and then soak feet or hands for 15 minutes. Doing this therapy as much as two to three times a day.

2. Nails Boyfriend Leaves
Henna leaves nails can be used to treat Ingrown Toenail. How to use it, You need to mix henna leaves nails to taste with brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Then puree and compressed or attached to the diseased parts. Dressing with gauze and leave for 3 to 4 hours and then replaced with a new one.

3. Ginger
One of the plants and herbs used as seasoning is often used for herbal medicines. So there is no harm if You try to use grated ginger root as herbal medicine Ingrown Toenail You. How to use it, You simply mix grated ginger with coconut oil to taste and then applied topically on the wound and bandaged.

4. Red Onion
This one herbs also that can be made to treat the disease Ingrown Toenail You. How to use it, You simply grind the garlic with mixed coconut oil to taste, then smeared on the part of the nail that is exposed to the wound and bandaged using gauze. Do 2 to 3 times a day for 3 days in a row.

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