Here're 8 Natural Home Remedies For Mosquitoes

Natural home remedies for mosquitoes using mosquito repellent spray or rubbed on the skin are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Because the materials derived from a mixture of chemicals, mosquito repellent risky to invite adverse effects on health. How to repel mosquitoes with a drug anti-mosquito rub does not kill the mosquito, but working with how to prevent the mosquitoes biting the skin.

Using the drug anti-mosquito oles made from chemicals can indeed give quick results, but its use raises the risk of side effects. The main ingredient of lotion anti-mosquito is DEET (diethyltoluamide) which can cause irritation in some people.
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Natural Home Remedies For Mosquitoes

Home remedies for mosquitoes

Actually there are Natural home remedies for mosquitoes that is derived from natural ingredients. Here are some ways that You can do to avoid mosquito bites and the risk of disease they carry :

1. Cinnamon oil
A study revealed that cinnamon oil can eradicate the mosquito eggs. You can apply this oil on places that mosquitoes. In fact this oil can also repel mosquitoes great, but to use the oil directly on the skin, it is recommended to be done with caution because it can cause skin irritation.Mix 120 ml of water with 24 drops or a quarter teaspoon of oil of cinnamon. Enter the mixture into the bottle with atomizer. You can squirt that fluid in the skin, clothing, goods, plants, as well as around Your home.

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2. Citronella oil
 Oil of lemongrass also known as citronella oil can last up to 20 minutes to repel mosquitoes. Research shows that citronella oil has an effectiveness that is similar to cinnamon oil. Citronella oil this can be made yourself at home. Because it only lasted a minute, maybe You need to rub it again a few moments later when needed.

3. Soybean oil
 Oil made from soybeans can be used children to prevent them from mosquito bites. This oil can provide protection that is more durable compared with citronella oil, which is about 2 hours. You can also mix oil of citronella to soybean oil. The combination of both these oils are effective against different types of mosquito bites.

4. Oil of Lemon eucalyptus
Oil of lemon eucalyptus has long been used as a how to repel mosquitoes naturally. This natural ingredient can prevent mosquito bites for three hours. Although natural, oil of lemon eucalyptus should not be used in children under the age of three years.

5. Lavender and Yeast
Mix lavender oil with water, then add the yeast. Once finished, place it in a room or other place in the house and leave it open.

6. Orange Peel
It turns out the smell from the orange peel is not liked by mosquitoes. How to repel mosquitoes with orange peel is also very easy. Do not waste Your orange peel, put it on strategic places. But don't take too long, because if it is rotten it will invite mosquitoes.

7. Garlic
Natural remedy to repel mosquitoes next is the garlic extract. Prepare a few pieces of garlic, then boiled with water to taste. After boiling enter in the container sprays and spray on Your bedroom.

8. Neem oil
If You are wondering how to kill mosquitoes, try neem oil because this oil acts as a mosquito repellent in the room. A study published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association found that mixing neem oil with coconut oil with a ratio of 1:1 is an effective way to keep mosquitoes at home nesting in the house. How to use it, can be rubbed into the skin. This oil is an antibacterial agent, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-protozoa that are effective.

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If You can't make the oil yourself at home, such as cinnamon oil, citronella oil or soybean oil, choose a mosquito repellent topical that contain oil of citronella. This product is also safe to use by pregnant women compared drug anti-mosquito topical on the market that usually use the active ingredient DEET. Apply a small amount on the skin and apply also on the clothes.

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